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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Welcome to Barcroft Elementary School

 Intersession Catalogs
Registration dates: February 17 - 27
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Calendar Update
The superintendent’s proposed calendar for the traditional school schedule has been posted to the APS website. We are now clear on the PT Conference days and Christmas Break. So our calendar is being posted here for you to review. We will be accepting feedback until February 16 to allow for all calendars to go to the school board together. Please send your feedback to our principal at colette.bounet@apsva.us and put Calendar Feedback in the subject. Thank you.  
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Superintendent's Letter on Planning for Snow Emergencies




Principal's Corner

  • Hello all and Welcome back to another school year!
    We are so happy to have our school year started. August may seem early, but we have a head start on the learning that will occur this year. 
    We are growing here at Barcroft and it is fun to see all the new friendships that are blooming. 
    We hope you continue to visit our site and learn about our school. Enjoy the beginning of the school year! 
    Colette Bounet, Principal
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