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W-L Alumni Database Index to Classes


The W-L Alumni Association is pleased to provide this W-L Alumni Database as a service to all W-L alumni and friends. Bookmark this site, and refer to it often to contact an old friend or find out the latest news from your class.

The structure of the W-L Alumni Database has always been class-centric; that is, each individual class maintains its own information. The person responsible for collecting, verifying, and disseminating this information on behalf of a class is a volunteer Class Locator. The Class Locator maintains the class roster, including all of the contact information that we maintain. The collective work of this confederation of Locators makes up the Alumni Database. The index below links to each of our classes. Class Locator name and email id are provided at the top of each class listing.

Some classes do not yet have a class locator. We are especially interested in finding Locators for many of the classes from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Check your class to see whether the position has been filled. If you would like to volunteer for this position, please contact wlhscontact@yahoo.com.

By far the best way to update your own information, or to provide information or ask questions concerning a classmate, is to first contact the Class Locator. Should that avenue not be available to you, use one of the forms below to contact the Alumni Association. Please note that your Alumni Database entry will not be directly updated from this submission of this form. The information will be routed to the locator responsible for the respective class, and be verified before the database is updated. This may take as long as a month, depending on the availability of the locator.

We realize that some people have concerns about their privacy. If you would prefer not to have some personal information published on the website, please inform the respective Class Locator. Should that not resolve the issue to your satisfaction, please contact wlhscontact@yahoo.com.



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