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Maximizing Elementary Capacity

Capacities and Boundaries

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School Board Adopts Progressive Planning Model

On December 17, 2009 the Schoo Board adopted the following motion by a 4-0 vote (Mr. Fendley was out of the country).
The School Board approves the Progressive Planning Model, as described in the memorandum dated December 17, 2009, to address crowding, capacity, and enrollment at elementary and secondary schools based on projections for the next six years to 2015-2016.


Capacity Update Capacity Update Presentation to School Board (April 2010)
Hanover Research Council Reporton Alternative Scheduling (March 2010 Work Session)
Elementary Class Size Snapshots(March 2010 Work Session)
Locationsof VPI Classes 2009 (March 2010 Work Session)
Capacity Analysis(March 2010 Work Session)
Capacity Update(March 2010 Work Ssssion)
Presentation on Class Sizeto Joint FAC and BAC Meeting on January 13, 2010
Superintendent's Recommendations (Staff Responsesto School Board Questions)
Superintendent's Recommendations (Additional Informationfor December 17, 2009)
Superintendent's Recommendations (Revised Memofor December 17, 2009)
Superintendent's Recommendations (PowerPoint for December 17, 2009)
Community Forum PowerPointCommunity Forum PowerPoint -- December 9, 2009
Superintendent's Recommendations (PowerPoint)-- Superintendent's Recommendations (PowerPoint) -- December 2009 (rev 12/04/09)
Superintendent's Recommendations (Memo)-- December 2009 (Revised 11/29/09)
http://www.schmidt-arch.com/owners/arlingtonSchools.html-- Link to MGT Report and Other Information -- December 2009
Interactive Responsesfrom MGT Charrette, October 29, 2009
School Board Update, Staff presentation to School Board (September 24, 2009)
Tablesfor Seventh Day Count (September 16, 2009)
Cover Memofor Seventh Day Count (September 16, 2009)
MGT of America-- Consultant Information
Staff Update #2to School Board -- September 2009
Staff Update #1 to School Board -- August 2009
Request for Proposal (RFP)-- Consultant -- Capacity Planning Study for Educational and Facility Services (Elementary and Secondary)
PowerPoint from August 27, 2009 Schoo Board Work Session on Capacity with School Board Comments/Direction
Agenda for August 27, 2009 School Board Work Session on Capacity
Questions and Suggestionsfor Consultant from Community Outreach Meetings
Memo -- ECST June Report -- Recommendations Accepted by School Board June 2009
PowerPoint-- ECST June Report
May 11 Community Meeting -- Results of the group work around the pros and cons of each approach presented that night that were recorded on large post-it sheets.
May 11 Community Meeting-- Individual comments on the approaches written down by participants on their Community Meeting Response Forms.
May 11 Community Meeting-- Summary results of rankings of the approaches written down by the participants on the back of their Community Response Forms.
PowerPointPresentation from May 11 Community Meeting
School Board Direction to Staff
Policyon Boundaries
Projectionsfor Fall 2009

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