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May Is Mental Health Month 

Mental Health Matters—Be Aware—Care 

 Mental Health Month was launched in 1949, as a means to raise awareness regarding mental health and to encourage early and effective intervention. Since that time, Mental Health Month has become a national observance, occurring throughout the month of May each year. This year, APS has identified its theme for Mental Health Month as “MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS—BE AWARE—CARE.” The goal of this theme is to highlight the importance of mental health awareness, to speak out if we are concerned about another and to take care of ourselves as well.

Research indicates that mental health concerns are common and can be serious:
·         1 in 5 children ages 13-18 have or will develop a mental illness.
·         50% of all lifetime cases of mental illnesses develop by age 14.
·         Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in youth ages 14-24.
·         90% of those who have committed suicide had an underlying mental illness.
Research also indicates that the earlier mental disorders are identified and appropriate supports identified and implemented, the better the outcome. Early intervention is critical! In recent years, the APS Department of Student Services and Special Education (DSSSE) has expanded its existing practices and training opportunities to include a wider array of initiatives, targeting early identification and intervention, along with research-based training in suicide prevention. APS continues to partner with the community, including Arlington DHS Child and Family Services Division, The Arlington Partnership for Children Youth and Families and NAMI Arlington, to promote mental health awareness, suicide prevention and support initiatives.
Mental Health Month will be promoted in each APS School. Please join the APS DSSSE in observance of Mental Health Month by considering some of the following options: 
Visit the APS Mental Health Services Page, which includes our “Help Yourself/Help a Friend Flyer”:
·         Wear a green ribbon throughout the month to promote awareness.
·         Visit the Mental Health America website to access and download the information from the 2016 Mental Health Month Toolkit at: http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/may
·         Visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) website to learn more about mental health and mental illness at  http://www.nami.org/Learn-More
·         Visit Arlington DHS at http://health.arlingtonva.us/behavioral-healthcare/mental-health/ to learn more about Arlington County mental health and behavioral services.
For more information about mental health awareness initiatives and opportunities, please contact:  Kelly Mountain, Interim Director of Student Services at 703-228-6061.

 Department of Student Services & Special Education

Arlington Public Schools takes pride in providing a program to students of Arlington County that encourages the cooperation of school, home, and community. The Department of Student Services is responsible for ensuring the provision of a wide range of support services to all students in the Arlington Public Schools system. The department consists of two offices-the Office of Student Services and the Office of Special Education.
Organizational Chart
Assistant Superintendent
Department of Student Services & Special Education
Arlington Public Schools
Dr. Kelly Krug, Supervisor Special Program -ATSS
Dr. Colleen Koval, Compliance Procedural Support Specialist

APS/NOVA Partnership

Analily Caballero, Coordinator

Office of Special Education

Ms. Wendy Carria, Director, Special Education
Mrs. Angelique Close, Supervisor, Special Programs
The Office of Special Education provides support for students with disabilities, parents, principals, and school staff members in their evaluation, identification, placement, instruction, and transitional services.

Office of Student Services

Kelly Mountain, Director, Student Services
Pam McClellan,  Supervisor, Counseling

Dr. Diane M. Reese, Coordinator of Counseling

The Office of Student Services encompasses the services of school psychologists, school social workers/visiting teachers and counselors. Student records, transcripts, student residency, requests for psychological transfers and the Home Instruction program are also the responsibility of this office.

Stratford Program

Dr. Karen Gerry, Principal, Stratford Program
4102 Vacation Lane, Arlington, Virginia 22207
The Stratford Program is a small secondary school for Arlington Public School students in Arlington, Virginia. Students attend middle school, high school and adult transition classes. All students have been found eligible for and receive special education services. Students will receive a Special Diploma upon program completion or reaching the age of eligibility.
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