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Monday, November 24, 2014

Welcome to the Gunston PTA

  • Box Tops for Education

    Posted by Anne Ramsey at 10/26/2014

    Box Tops
    Next deadline for turning in boxtops is November 3rd. 


    Please put them in plastic ziploc-type bags or envelopes of either 10 or 50, and label each bag.  The collection box is just outside the school office
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  • First Day Packets & ParentVue

    Posted by Elena Rodriguez at 9/7/2013

    First-Day Packets

    On the first day of school, students are given a First-Day Packet to take home to their parents or guardians. Parents/guardians are asked to fill out, sign and return to their school the completed documents, during the first week of school.
    • A "Complete Family Packet" is distributed to the youngest student in the household, and
    • A "Forms Only Packet" is provided for all older siblings.

    Fill Out Forms Using ParentVUE

    ParentVUE Parents may fill out some of the First Day Packet information online, using ParentVUE. Once you log in, click on Student Information in the left nav, and make any changes necessary.
    Once parents have submitted student information, the school's registrar will approve the changes to your child's record. Changes are not effective immediately.
    Even if this student information is completed online, parents/guardians must complete the following forms by hand or by using the fillable pdfs below and submit them to the school:

    The Complete Family Packet

    is distributed to students on the first day of school and includes the following:
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  • We need your help!

    Posted by Anne Ramsey at 9/4/2013

    It's Back to School time and that means, time to join other parents and family members as volunteers to support Gunston Middle School!  We have a number of opportunities; some are one-time projects while others are ongoing.  Committee chairs are needed.  Please consider signing up to help with any of the following.  Any amount of help is appreciated.The Directory--This involves taking the info provided by the school and formatting it in the directory; would take approximately 10-15 hours during September/October.

    Reflections--Represent Gunston and coordinate the student submissions for the contest at the beginning of the school year; winners announced in mid October.

    Box Tops/Grocery Store Sign-up--Stop by the school once a week to collect the box tops and send out reminders to parents to sign up.

    PTA Membership--Help us recruit parents and family members to join the PTA.  Use your creativity to draw more folks to participate.

    T-shirt Sales--Organize sales during special events at the school to raise funds for the PTA.

    Arm Chair Fundraiser--Help us raise funds by coordinating this fundraiser through e-mail but also encourage support for it during special events at school.

    Printer Cartridge Recycling Coordinator--Pick up cartridges every few weeks and send out reminders to the community to turn in the cartridges.

    AFAC (Arlington Food Assistance Center) Coordinator (food drive)--Help coordinate the food drives and events throughout the year and deliver collection boxes to AFAC.

    Green Committee
    --Use your passion and creativity to coordinate activities to Go Green at Gunston!  

    Grounds Committee--Coordinate activities to help beautify the school grounds.

    Other event-related opportunities to volunteer include:

    • Fall Fun Fest
    • School Book Fairs

    Please email Maggie Ryner Ferm or Gabriela Uro at GunstonPTAVolunteer@gmail.com if you are interested in leading any of these committees.  We just need one or two people to lead each of these programs.

    Watch for our emails via "Sign Up Genius" and be ready to help! 
    The Gunston community thanks you!!   

    Go Hornets!

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  • Necesitamos ayuda!

    Posted by Anne Ramsey at 9/4/2013

    Es tiempo del regreso a la escuela lo cual significa que es tiempo también que la familias participen como voluntarios para apoyar a la Escuela Intermedia de Gunston. Hay muchas oportunidades para su participación, algunas son proyectos únicos y a corto plazo mientras que otros se llevan a cabo durante el año escolar. Por favor considere anotarse como coordinador de alguna de las actividades, dependiendo del  tiempo que tenga disponible.  A continuación describimos cada una de las actividades:

    Eventos únicos
    El Directorio--Requiere tomar la información proporcionada por la escuela y organizarla en el formato del directorio.  Se requiere de aproximadamente 10 a 15 horas con la computadora durante los meses de septiembre y octubre.

    Reflexiones--Ser el representante de Gunston y coordinar la entrega de las presentaciones de los estudiantes para el concurso que se lleva a cabo a principios del año escolar. Este es un programa de artes patrocinado por la PTA Nacional, favor de hacer clic en este enlace para obtener más información. Los ganadores se anunciarán a mediados de octubre.

    Actividades durante el año escolar
    Box Tops / Tienda Sign-up--Parar por la escuela una vez por semana para recoger las tapas de la caja (box tops) y enviar recordatorios a los padres para registrarse con su tienda alimenticia para recaudar fondos para Gunston, cada vez que haga sus compras.

    Membresía PTA--Ayudar a reclutar a los padres de familia a unirse a la PTA. Use su creatividad para atraer a más gente a participar.

    Las ventas de camisetas de Gunston--Organizar las ventas durante eventos especiales en la escuela para recaudar fondos para el PTA.

    Campaña  para recaudación fondos--Coordinar la campaña para recaudación de fondos a través de correo electrónico y durante los eventos especiales de la escuela.

    Reciclaje de cartuchos de tinta--Recoger cartuchos cada dos o tres semanas y enviar recordatorios a la comunidad para entregar sus cartuchos.

    AFAC (Arlington Centro de Asistencia Alimentaria)--Coordinar la colecta de alimentos de alimentos durante todo el año y durante eventos especiales.  Coordinar la entrega de cajas de recolección de AFAC.

    Comité Verde (Ecológico)--Utilice su pasión y creatividad para coordinar actividades ecológicas.

    Embellecimiento de Gunston--Coordinar actividades para embellecer el plantel escolar de Gunston.

    Otras oportunidades relacionados con eventos de voluntariado incluyen:

    • Fall Fun Fest
    • ferias de libros escolares

    Si usted está interesado en llevar cualquiera de estos comités, por favor envíen un correo electrónico dirigido a Maggie Ryner Ferm o a Gabriela Uro (español) a:
    GunstonPTAVolunteer@gmail.com.  Sólo necesitamos una o dos personas para dirigir cada uno de estos programas.

    Esperamos que esté atento a los mensajes de correo electrónico a través de "Sign Up genio" y se apunte a ayudar! La comunidad Gunston se lo agradece !

    Arriba Hornets!

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  • Asbestos Management Plan

    Posted by Anne Ramsey at 9/4/2013
    The following is a letter describing APS efforts related to asbestos management:
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  • Plan de manejo de asbestos

    Posted by Anne Ramsey at 9/4/2013
    Es una carta para APS de plan manejo de asbestos: 
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