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Professional Development

APS Teacher Evaluation


APS Teacher Evaluation System Handbook Updated 11/24/14

 APS Teacher Evaluation Forms
   All forms for the 2015-2016 school year
1 Documentation Log Cover Sheet for teachers and specialists
3 Pre Observation Conference Record for Teachers and Educational Specialists
4 Standard 7 SMART Goal Setting Form and Standard 7 SMART Goal Setting Form Guide
6 Teacher Interim Evaluation Report updated 8/12/14
7 Teacher Summative Evaluation Report updated 9/4/14
 video  Videos --click on each link to view a short overview- about 15 minutes to view all 5:
  1. Overview of Proposed Teacher Evaluation Process
  2. Document Log
  3. SMART Goals
  4. Summary of Professional Activities
  5. Observations

Training Materials and Resources

2013-2014 Modules:

Each of the following modules consists of a PowerPoint as well as a screencast of that PowerPoint with a voice over.  Scroll down to access the 2012-2013 Modules and Resources.
  1. Overview of Updates to the Teacher Evaluation System
  2. SMART Goal Updates
  3. The New E-Documentation Log
  4. Informal Evaluation of Year 1 Probationary Teachers

 Module 1 -Overview of Updates to the Teacher Evaluation System

Module 2 -SMART Goal Updates
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Module 3 - The New E-Documentation Log

 Informal Evaluation of Year-1 Probationary Teachers

  • Tool:  Overview Screencast

Click here to access the teacher evaluation training modules from 2012-2013

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