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Professional Development

APS Teacher Evaluation


APS Teacher Evaluation System Handbook Updated 9/4/14

 APS Teacher Evaluation Forms
   All Forms updated for the 2014-2015 school year
1 Documentation Log Cover Sheet for teachers and specialists
3 Pre Observation Conference Record for Teachers and Educational Specialists
4 Standard 7 SMART Goal Setting Form and Standard 7 SMART Goal Setting Form Guide
6 Teacher Interim Evaluation Report updated 8/12/14
7 Teacher Summative Evaluation Report updated 9/4/14
 video  Videos --click on each link to view a short overview- about 15 minutes to view all 5:
  1. Overview of Proposed Teacher Evaluation Process
  2. Document Log
  3. SMART Goals
  4. Summary of Professional Activities
  5. Observations

Training Materials and Resources

2013-2014 Modules:

Each of the following modules consists of a PowerPoint as well as a screencast of that PowerPoint with a voice over.  Scroll down to access the 2012-2013 Modules and Resources.
  1. Overview of Updates to the Teacher Evaluation System
  2. SMART Goal Updates
  3. The New E-Documentation Log
  4. Informal Evaluation of Year 1 Probationary Teachers

 Module 1 -Overview of Updates to the Teacher Evaluation System

Module 2 -SMART Goal Updates
Check back for additional resources.


Module 3 - The New E-Documentation Log

 Informal Evaluation of Year-1 Probationary Teachers

  • Tool:  Overview Screencast


2012-2013 Modules

  1. Overview of the Evaluation Process
  2. Teacher Performance Standards
  3. Writing SMART Goals
  4. Documentation Log
  5. Observations
  6. See Module 9 Part A

7. Preparing for Mid-Year Conversation and Standard 4 (Assessment) Evidence
8. Standard 2- Instructional Planning
9. Summative Ratings (Part A and B)
10. End of Year Paperwork-Interim and Summative Evaluation Forms
11. Q and A and Feedback


Module 1- Overview
Delivered in schools, by school admin teams, during preservice week 
  1. Agenda (public| facilitator)
  2. Teacher Evaluation Handbook- paper copy provided (bring to county-wide meetings)
  3. Superintendent's Welcome Message
  4. Tool: Overview Powerpoint presentation
  5. Name tent
  6. Tool: Benefits/concerns
  7. Tool: Venn diagram (old and new systems)
  8. Activity: Wisdom of Practice (11x 17 paper)
  9. Tool: Teacher Self-reflection (updated 8/12/12), Educational Specialist
  10. Tool: Standards (all one page) Teacher, Educational Specialist
  11. Readings:

Module 2- Teacher Performance Standards (Revised 9/7/12)
Secondary- Delivered in department meetings, by department of instruction, during preservice week
Elementary- Delivered in schools, by school admin teams/lead teachers, during preservice week/early September 
  1. Agenda (public| facilitator)
  2. Tool: PowerPoint slides
  3. ACTIVITY: Look fors and red flags
  4. Activity: What’s in a Rubric? updated 8/24/12
  5. Activity:  Getting to know the Standards added 9/7/12
  6. Tool: Sample SMART Goals (see below)
  7. TOOL: SMART Goal Peer Review
  8. Readings:
    • Brief 3 Performance Standard 1 Professional Knowledge
    • Brief 4 Performance Standard 2 Instructional Planning
    • Brief 5 Performance Standard 3 Instructional Delivery
    • Brief 6 Performance Standard 4 Assessment of and for Student Learning
    • Brief 7 Performance Standard 5 Learning Environment
    • Brief 8 Performance Standard 6 Professionalism
    • Brief 9 Performance Standard 7 Student Academic Progress

Module 3- SMART Goals
Delivered in schools, by school admin teams in September
  1. Agenda (public|facilitator)
  2. Tool: SMART Goals PowerPoint presentation
  3. Why SMART goals? Video from online course, but applicable http://screencast.com/t/nOKWa8C3HuU
  4. Name tent
  5. Tool: APS Assessment Inventory
  6. TOOL: SMART Goal Peer Review
  7. TOOL: Preparing to Write your SMART Goal added 9/27/12
  8. TOOL: SMART Goal Tree Diagram (prints on 17x11 paper) added 9/82/12
  9. TOOL:  Online Graphing Tool for Summarizing your SMART Goal data
  10. Activity: Examples for improvement/discussion Teachers G, H and E
  • Videos added 10/4/12
    • Beginning of the year conference video
    • Technology Training Services has posted training videos for teachers using Spreadsheets for SMART goals in their BlackBoard Anytime, Anywhere Training site.  To access:
      • Go to http://apsva.blackboard.com
      • Click the Classes tab in the upper right.
      • Search for Anytime
      • Click Anytime, Anywhere Training
      • Click the Spreadsheets for SMART Goals link on the left.
  • Readings
    • Brief 9 Student Academic Progress
    • Brief 15 How Student Achievement Connect to Evaluation
    • Brief 16 Possibilities and Pitfalls in Connecting Teacher Evaluation to Student Achievement
    • Brief 17 Goal Setting for Student Achievement

Module 4- Document Log
Delivered in schools, by school admin teams, in September/Early October 
  1. Agenda (public|facilitator) revised 9/9/12
  2. Tool: Documentation Log PowerPoint Presentation revised 9/11/12
  3. Name tent
  4. Handouts
  5. Readings
  6. Google Template and Videos (Please Note:  This is the old version of the electronic documentation log and supporting materials.  DO NOT use this version unless specifically asked to by your evaluator).  Click here to be taken to the new version.
  7. Sample Document Logs (You must be logged into your APS Google account to access this link) updated 12/11/12
  8. TEMPLATE: Google Doc Template for Professional Activities Summary and SMART Goal Template (You must be logged into your APS Google account to access these link)
    •  When you click on these links you will need to click on "use this template" in order to make it your own and edit it.

    Additional Resources


Module 5 -Observations
Delivered in schools, by school admin teams, in October/Early November
APS Observation Forms for the iPad
  • Using Pages (iPad or Mac) --Click here for a video demonstrating how to access and use the pages form
    • Click here to access the Google Site that has the links to the Pages templates for teachers and educational specialists (you must be signed into your APS Google account to access this link).  Once you have downloaded the form you need to "double tap" in the text field in order to start typing.
  • Using Google Doc Template (iPad or any computer) -Click here for a video demonstrating how to access and use the Google doc

Module 6 - See part A in Module 9
Delivered to Principals, Assistant Principals and ILTs in November February
Delivered in schools by school admin teams in February/March

Module 7 - Preparing for the Mid-Year Conversation and Standard 4 (Assessment) Evidence
Delivered in schools, by school admin/leadership teams, on January 2, 2013
Delivered to Principals, Assistant Principals, ILTs and Leadership Teams in November/December
        • 11/19/12, 4:00-5:30, ERO Session #20132826302, Washington-Lee Cafeteria
        • 11/29/12, 4:00-5:30, ERO Session #20132826303, Syphax 121 A/B
        • 12/6/12, 4:00-5:30, ERO Session #20132826304, Washington-Lee Cafeteria
  1. Agenda (public| facilitator) added 11/1/12

  2. PowerPoint Presentation updated 12/6/12
    Specialist PowerPoint Presentation added 1/7/13

  3. Tool:  Online graphing tool for summarizing SMART Goal data
  4. Handouts
    • Tool: APS Comprehensive Assessment Inventory
    • Exit ticket (slide 31 of presentation)
    • Brief 6: Standard 4-Assessment of and for Student Learning
  5. Videos: based on the elementary Instrumental Music Example (Click here and here for accompanying data)

Module 8 - Standard 2 Instructional Planning/Program Planning and Management
Elementary: Delivered by Department of Instruction at various locations by grade level on February 6 County-wide Early release (details)
Secondary: Delivered by content area at county-wides or to content leads to deliver in schools
For Teachers:

For Specialists: 
The Module 8 Video for specialists is in three parts.  Please watch all three parts, stopping the recording where indicated to complete the activities described.

Sample Lesson Plans For Counselors:

Module 9 - Summative Ratings
Delivered to Principals, Assistant Principals and ILTs in February/March
 Delivered in schools by school admin teams in February/March/April
Part A: Observation Data for the Summative Rating  
  1. Agenda (facilitator) updated 2/6/13
  2. Tool:
    1. Teacher A (elementary) Observations PowerPoint updated 2/6/13
    2. Teacher B (secondary) Observations PowerPoint new 2/27/13
  3. Videos
    1. Elementary Video (Teacher A)
    2. Secondary Video (Teacher B) -new 3/7/13
  4. Handouts
  5. Readings Brief 11: Observations
 Part B: Summative Rating- Considering all Evidence updated 2/5/13
  1. Agenda (facilitator) updated 3/2/13
  2. Tool:
  3. Handouts  
  4. Reading: Brief 18 Rating Teachers With Performance Rubrics 

Module 10 -End of Year Paperwork- Interim and Summative Rating Forms
Delivered to Principals, Assistant Principals and ILTs in February April
Delivered in schools, by school admin teams, in February/Early April/May
  1. Tool: Module 10 Presentation Video
    • The 4 minute video provides an overview of the End of year Paperwork
  2. Tool:  PowerPoint version of Module 10 Presentation
    •   This is the same PowerPoint that is presented in the screencast.
  3. Video

Module 11 -Q and A and Feedback
Delivered in schools, by school admin. teams, in April/Early May

Module X (Optional)
-Focus on Teacher Performance Standard 4 ASSESSMENT
  1. Agenda
  2. Presentation updated 10/3/12
  3. Google Form Pre-Assessment Survey (You must be logged into your APS Google Account to access this template. For a short instructional video on how to access and use this resource click here added 10/4/12
  4. Video "Making Sure They Are Learning-- Sticky notes coalesce into high-level analytical thinking in Sarah Kaufman's 6th grade humanities class, where complex concepts are broken down into manageable pieces that help students master challenging assignments." (bypass password required- or free download from iTunes U)
  5. Handouts

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