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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

4th Grade

  • May

    Posted by Jennifer Manley at 5/13/2015


    SOL Subject





    Asking Questions, Inferring

    Proving your thinking

    Showing your evidence

    RAZ Kids

    RAZ Kids



    Review class notes

    Practice strategies

    Problem solving

    Know basic facts up to 12 x 12

    Proving your thinking

    Showing evidence of your thinking

    Expressions Student Handbook


    SOL Practice Book

    Jefferson Lab






    Kahn Academy


    Virginia Studies

    Review Reading Notes and flashcards

    Create review notecards

    Practice with online resources

    Re-read textbook

    Proving your thinking, showing evidence

    SOL Pass online

    Textbook online/paper


    SOL Pass Online




    Online Textbook


    Pass the Past iPad App

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  • January

    Posted by Jennifer Manley at 1/9/2015
    As we enter 2015 our class has adopted a classroom motto, "Ms. Manley's class has SWAG". 
    Willingness to Learn
    During our first week back we talked about our successes so far this year, the areas that we struggle in and will need to work on, what a good attitude to have looks like and our goals for the new year.  Each student decided on 3 goals for the year. 
    We are excited to tackle 2015.
    SWAG Board  
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  • December

    Posted by Jennifer Manley at 12/1/2014
    As we begin December I wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of our classroom successes!
    1. Completing our first Writer's Celebration- Your students brought their personal narratives to life using details and technology.  I was impressed with the bravery of each student who pushed themselves in both their writing and their public speaking. 
    2. End of Quarter 1- Your students were able to see the fruits of their labor.  Many were excited to see the progress that they had made throughout quarter 1 and every student set goals to work towards the rest of the year. 
    3. Becoming Digital Citizens- Your students received their iPads and apple IDs.  Each student created an iPad contract and has learned about how to be a safe and considerate digital citizen.
    Things to look forward to in December:
    Math- Multi-digit Multiplication
    Virginia Studies- Colonial Virginia and creating our first episode of Fourth Grade's Excellent Adventures
    Science- Weather Unit
    Reading- Exploring Cause and Effect Relationship
    Writing- Finishing Informational Writing Unit
    Year at a Glance
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  • iPad Contracts

    Posted by Jennifer Manley at 11/12/2014
    Today we continued our iPad journey.  Together we came up with 6 rules for iPad use:
    1. I will follow directions the 1st time
    2. I will only use my iPad for school 
    3. I will keep my iPad charged
    4. I will keep my iPad safe
    5. I will use respectful words online
    6. I will only go on appropriate sites/apps
    Each student designed an icon to represent each rule.  Later this week each student will turn their contract into a digital project where they record each rule and agree to follow each.  Welcome to the digital world!
    iPad Contract
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  • Geometry: Cityscapes

    Posted by Jennifer Manley at 11/10/2014
    Part of our Geometry standards is that students will be able to identify points, line segments, lines, rays, angles, intersecting, parallel and perpendicular lines.  After learning about each of these, reading definitions and adding visuals to our vocabulary pages, students looked for these geometric figures in pictures of cityscapes.  Together we looked at outlines of Chicago, Washington D.C., Sydney, and London (just to name a few), thus helping us make real world connections to our unit of study.
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  • Problems and Solutions

    Posted by Jennifer Manley at 10/23/2014
    While reading R.J Palacio's Wonder as a class we have been exploring the problems faced by each character.  As we encounter the many problems faced in wonder we stop and predict how we think the author/character will solve this problem.  We continue to read and look for the solutions.  When a character solves their problem we look back and think on whether or not we had made an accurate prediction.  Many of the problems faced in Wonder have helped us look at how we handle difficult situations in our own lives.
    Problems and Solutions
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  • Native People's Introduction

    Posted by Jennifer Manley at 10/2/2014
    This week we learned about Virginia's Native People or the Eastern Woodland Indians.  We learned about the three Language Groups, Algonquin, Iroquoian and Siouan. 
     First we studied where in Virginia each Language Group was located.  We then discussed primary and secondary needs of all humans.  Together we decided that every person needs air, water, food, clothing and shelter.  We also decided that secondary needs are communication, protection and transportation.  Using what we already knew about the regions they lived in we made predictions about how they would fulfill these needs.  Next we researched using our Virginia Studies Textbooks and websites provided by Ms. Manley to confirm or correct our predictions.
    VA Studies
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  • Welcome 2014-2015

    Posted by Jennifer Manley at 9/8/2014

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

            Welcome to a new school year at Barrett Elementary School!  My name is Ms. Jennifer Manley and I will be your child’s teacher in 4th grade this year.  I graduated from Shippensburg University in 2011 where I majored in Elementary Education with minors in Mathematics and Psychology. Last year I joined the Barrett team, making the short journey from Philadelphia.

            I have lived in the Philadelphia area my whole life.  As expected I am a Phillies, Eagles and Flyers fan.  I love cheese steaks (but only ones from Philadelphia) and have seen the Liberty Bell many times.  I love animals, especially my 11 year old yellow lab Cody.  I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of your students.

            I am eager to get started with this new year and with this great group of terrific students!   I am confident that together we will have a fun and productive year filled with exploration and learning.  If you have any questions or concerns my email address is Jennifer.manley@apsva.us

    I look forward to meeting you at Back to School Night on September 17th.


                                                                            Miss Manley     

    Estimados Padres/Tutor Legal,

              ¡Bienvenidos a un nuevo año escolar en la Escuela Barrett!  Me llamo Jennifer Manley y seré la maestra de sus hijos este año en 4to grado.  Me gradué de la Universidad Shippensburg el 2011, con especialización en Educación Primaria y concentración menor en Matemáticas y Psicología.  El año pasado me uní al equipo de Barrett, haciendo un breve viaje desde Filadelfia.

              Toda mi vida la he vivido en Filadelfia, y como es de esperar, soy fanática de los Phillies, Eagles y Flyers.  Me encantan los sándwiches de bife con queso (pero solamente los de Filadelfia) y he visto la Campana de la Libertad muchas veces.  Me fascinan los animales, especialmente mi labrador amarillo de 11 años que se llama Cody.  Espero con muchas ganas poder conocer a cada uno de sus hijos.

              ¡Tengo muchas ganas de empezar este nuevo año con este excelente grupo de alumnos!  Estoy segura que juntos tendremos un año divertido y productivo, lleno de exploración y aprendizaje.  Si tienen cualquier pregunta o preocupación, manden un mensaje a mi correo electrónico Jennifer.manley@apsva.us

    Espero conocerlos la Noche de Bienvenida a la Escuela el 17 de septiembre.


                                                                                          Srta. Manley          

    Classroom Library  Book Bins Math Calendar Writing Center Manley Cup What are we Reading?
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