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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Art Page

  • The Arlington Connection

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 1/9/2015
    Congratulations to all of the artists who's beautiful artwork is on The Arlington Connection newspaper. We are very proud of you!
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  • ATS Teachers love making art

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 11/6/2014
    Ms. Barba (fabulous fourth grade teacher) made a mask with her students in the art room. Her fourth graders enjoyed watching her teacher's creativity unfold in front of their eyes. Great job Ms. Barba! 

    Ms. Barba       Ms. Barba's mask
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  • Square Art 1 fundraiser

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 11/5/2014
    The ATS art department is working this 2014-2015 school year with Square 1 Art Company (https://square1art.com/) on a fundraiser.  
    All the proceeds are used to buy art supplies and equipment.  Some of the things that we have bought with the fundraiser money in the past are: guest artists, field trips, books, videos, slab roller, potter’s wheel, extra clay, paints and other consumable art materials for special projects to enhance the art education of every child at the school.  

    This year we purchased an 8-Roll Vertical Rack. We plan to use these colorful papers on sceneries for school plays.



    We still have some money left over in the account and we are planning on using it to hire a local artists to help with a very special cross curricular activity that will benefit all of our students. Stay tune for more information on this special project!
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  • Dia de los Muertos/ Day of the Dead

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 11/2/2014
    Dia de los Muertos/ Day of the Dead 
    Community artists and families met at the Arlington Arts Center http://https://www.arlingtonartscenter.org for their annual Day of the Dead celebration.  
    It was a great opportunity to learn about Mexican/ Latin American art and culture. 
                                                               Mexican dancers    
    "More about celebrating life than remembering death, this special day encourages us to connect with loved ones while reflecting on the ties that bind the past to present." 
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  • October is Disability Awareness Month

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 10/31/2014
    Frida Kahlo A Great Disabled Artist
      Frida Perez        Halloween

    Did you know?
    That Frida Kahlo contracted polio at the age of 6, then suffered a near-fatal bus crash at the age of 18 that left her with a lifetime of pain? She was able to transcend her pain and express it in her paintings.

    Frida Kahlo lived in Mexico over 70 years ago. She had Polio and used a wheelchair after a tram car accident when she was 18 years old.

    Frida is most famous for her self portraits. A self portrait is when an artist paints them self and nothing more. They’ll look in the mirror, or at a photo of their themselves, and they’ll paint and paint. Sometimes these paintings help discover new things about someone or show the world in a new way.

    The accident she was in was scary. Frida was riding a tram car when a trolley hit it. She broke her spinal column, collarbone, and pelvis. Her right leg was broke in 11 places and her right foot was crushed. She had to be in a body cast for three months to heal. Not fun! She couldn’t move and was in a lot pain while she waited to get better. It was then that she discovered painting. Her mom made her a special easel to paint from bed, that is how her painting career began.

    Frida’s self-portraits show her in her back brace, her wheelchair, her beautiful Mexican clothing and much more. They also show the pan she went through after her accident.  I love that Frida wasn’t ashamed of her disability or felt like she had to hide it in her art. Although she did get better and was able to walk again, she stuck to painting for the rest of her life.

    What other artists with disabilities do you appreciate? In what ways can you relate to their artwork?
    Here is a link with other visual artists with disabilities. Check them out!
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  • Matt Sesow

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 10/31/2014

    ATS students are currently learning about visual artists with different disabilities. Some of the artists mentioned in class were: Stephen Wittshire, Maria Ilion, Joseph Cartin, Peter Longstaff, Willow Bascom, Alice Schonfield, Keith salmon, Lisa Fittipaldi and Matt Sesow.
    Inspired by local artist Matt Sesow the students are making artwork of animal portraits and plan to write letters and send them to the artist. Click on this link to read the artist statement: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Sesow

    About Matt Sesow

    Matt Sesow began creating art in 1993 as a reaction to being hit by an airplane that amputated his dominant hand when he was a child. For the past 20 years, Sesow has used a variety of little icons in his paintings to help tell the story of his trauma and lifetime successes. Icons such as bunnies, birds, teacups, and teeth surrounded by bright red lips all help to tell the ongoing stories from the mind and experiences of Matt Sesow. Sesow has exhibited in galleries around the world and is part of the inventory of several outsider and naive art collectors.

     Students' artwork
     sesow     sesow
    birds              bird
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  • Hispanic Heritage Month

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 10/29/2014
    Hispanic Heritage Month
    We celebrated the Hispanic Heritage Month at ATS from Sept. 15- October 15. Each grade level made artwork inspired by Latin American art. Please check the different grade art galleries for more information and to see sample images of student artwork. Also make sure to check the library displays for more information on Frida Kahlo, different art forms from Mexico and other Latin American celebrations.
    Arts from Mexico           Art News  
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  • Staff Posters

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 8/29/2014

    On Friday, August 29, ATS staff made posters of their summer vacation in the art studio. Check out their creations currently on display on the two front bulletin boards.
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  • Operation Rain Barrel

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 5/15/2014 2:25:00 PM
    This is the third year that ATS participates in George Mason Operation Rain Barrel. Fifth graders made sketches about garden using zentangle designs. We used a combination of sketches as the final design on the rain barrel. Fourth and fifth graders help painting the rain barrel.
    Follow the link for more information about Operation Rain Barrel
    4th graders painting the rain barrel       
     Fifth grader painting rain barrel
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  • Raku Project

    Posted by Veronica Perez at 5/15/2014 2:10:00 PM
    Fifth graders worked with Katherine McGwier (parent and artist) creating beautiful clay pieces. The students learned about the "raku" history and firing techniques. Ms. Perez helped coordinate a visit to Washington Lee High School were the students got to see "raku" firing demonstrations. WL High school students shared their artwork and showed the students how to use the potter's wheel under Mrs. Bickelhaupt (art teacher) supervision.
    fifth grade raku art    
    raku beauty
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