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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Art Page

Kindergarten Art Gallery
Wild Animals (Henri Rousseau)
The students learned about wild animals and their environment.
jungle      jungle
       jungle        jungle
Laurel Burch (Domestic Animals)
The students learned about domestic animals and inspired by American painter Laurel Burch  they created pictures about cats.
cat       cat
Domestic Animals
The students made pictures of pets.
Cat    dog  
The students made seascapes to send to Square 1 Art Company (http://square1art.com/) for our yearly art fundraiser.
fish          fish
Fish           fish  
The students drew a self portraits using pencil, crayons and markers.
self        self
self        self
Joan Miro (Spain)
Kindergarten students created paintings showing different types of lines, shapes and colors. The students looked and discussed artwork made by the Spanish artist Joan Miro.

Spain        Spain
Spain                 Spain

Henri Matisse (France)
The students learned about the French artist Henri Matisse and his cut out techniques. They created a collage by using geometric and organic shapes.


Matisse    Matisse
Arts from Mexico

Clay Sun

Mexico           Mexico
Kindergarten students made a crayon resist of insects in a garden.
The students drew a self portraits using pencil, crayons and markers.
me    me
Vincent Van Gogh (Netherlands)
The students created a mixed media vase with flowers inspired by the post-impressionist Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.
flowers               flowers
flowers       flowers
Henry Moore (United Kingdom)
Inspired by English sculptor Henry Moore Kindergartens created abstract sculptures by pinching, pulling and poking clay. They also learned about glazing techniques.
clay sculpture     clay
clay                    clay
Matt Sesow (Disability Awareness Month)
Kindergarten students are learning about different artists with disabilities. They made artwork (birds) inspired by local artist Matt Sesow.
Check the art news link for more information on other artist with disabilities mentioned in class. http://http://www.apsva.us/Page/3607
bird      bird
The students made paper weaving inspired by African Art.
weaving          weaving
 Kindergarten students made elephant collages after reading the story Elmer and learning about India Arts and Culture.
Elephant            collage
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