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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Art Page

2014-2015 School Year
Drawing of a room using one point perspective
The students drew a picture of a room using one point perspective.
perspective   perspective
room             room
Moody Landscape
The students created a drawing using tints and shades to convey a moody landscape.
moody landscapes    moody landscape
Fantasy Landscape
The students made a painting of an imaginary place using a variety of lines and shapes.
fantasy     fantasy
Matt Sesow
Third graders are learning about different artists with disabilities. They made artwork (bulls) inspired by local artist Matt Sesow.
Check the art news link for more information on other artist with disabilities mentioned in class. http://http://www.apsva.us/Page/3607
bulls      bull
bull        bulls
The students helped with their play scenery.
play scenery      play scenery
The students made mythological creature drawings to send to Square 1 Art Company (http://https://square1art.com/) for our yearly art fundraiser.
dragon        Uniguana
creature        owls
The students helped with their play scenery.
play scenery           play scenery
Creature Container
The students made a creature container out of clay. 
clay creatures        clay
 clay       clay
Henri Matisse "wild portrait"
On the cut outs made last week, the students created a mixed media portrait inspired by Henri Matisse use of "wild colors." 
portraits        portrait
portrait         portrait
Henri Matisse/Paper cut outs
The students learned about the famous French artist Henri Matisse. Inspired by his paper cut outs ,they made a collage by using organic/geometric shapes and lots of

cut out         cut out

Matisse         Matisse

Arts from Mexico (Hispanic Heritage Month)
Paper Masks inspired by Mexican masks. We compared the uses of masks in the USA with other countries.
  masks        mask     
2013-2014 School Year
Third graders looked and compared portraits made by Frida Kahlo, Lee Udal Bennion and James T. Hardwood. We talked about how artists help us express our identities and feelings for other people. The students were able to draw a self-portrait showing things that they care about.

Adapted from the Davis Explorations in Art, level 3, unit 1, lesson 1, Who I Am: Portraits and Self-Portraits.

 self-portrait          self-portrait  

The students created a paper sculpture of an imaginary bird.
imaginary bird paper sculpture              imaginary bird sculpture
Other projects:
* The students created a planned, humorous drawing of an imaginary bird. 
* The students created and assemble forms to make a model of a castle.
* The students worked together to plan a park or playground.
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