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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Art Page

2014-2015 School Year
Art Rocks!
As part of the Arts in the Schools Month (March) celebration, fourth graders created electric guitar drawings.
Art rocks    Art Rocks
Facade of a building 
The students created a clay relief sculpture of a building using textures and patterns to suggest architectural materials.
 building     building
When A Giant Came to Town
The students made a cityscape with a "Giant." They learned about perspective and vanishing point.
Giant    giant
Matt Sesow 
Fourth graders are learning about different artists with disabilities. They made artwork (owls) inspired by local artist Matt Sesow.
Check the art news link for more information on other artist with disabilities mentioned in class. http://http://www.apsva.us/Page/3607
owl           owl
The students created a drawing of an original caricature of an animal engaged in a human activity.

cat             painter

elephants        race

Arts from Mexico (Hispanic Heritage Month) 
Clay masks inspired by Mexican masks. We compared the uses of masks in the USA with other countries.
 My mask and I       mask       
      mask            mask
masks         masks
    masks       masks
2013-2014 School Year
Fourth graders compared sketches and drawings made by artists: Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, M.C. Escher and Patricia A. Renick. The students made sketches of different views of a hand showing some details.

Lesson adapted from Davis Explorations in Art grade 4 curriculum, Unit 1, Lesson 1,

Appearances: Looking at our world/ Looking Closely: Sketching.

                                   hand sketch         



Students learned about the Op Art movement and created an optical illusion by using their hands.


      Op Art            Op Art


Fourth graders studied artwork by artists: Beatriz Milhazes and Richard Diebenkorn. We learned about primary, secondary and intermediate colors. The students painted a picture about a garden showing many colors.

Lesson adapted from Davis Explorationsin Art grade 4 curriculum, Unit 1, Lesson 3,  Appearances: Looking at our world/ Looking at Colors Together: Mixing Paint Colors

      garden             garden
  garden         garden
The students made paintings about nature (trees) during winter.
Nature           nature
The students created a drawing of a historically important local building.
important building            important building
Other project: 
* The students created a drawing of an animal with a definite feeling and with planned emphasis.
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