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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Art Page

Fifth Grade Art Gallery
The students made zentangle drawings to send to Square 1 Art Company (http://https://square1art.com/) for our yearly art fundraiser.
zentangle         zentangle
zentangle         zentangle
owl      zentangle
zentangle          zentangle
Symmetrical self-portraits

Fifth graders are learning about symmetrical balance, value scale and how to use lights and shadows to make a realistic self-portrait. 

     portrait        self-portrait   
  Self-portrait       portrait
Fifth graders learned about the Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
  Arcimboldo           Arcimboldo      
The students made drawings of portraits using fruits, vegetables and/or flowers inspired by the Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
    Arcimboldo                   Arcimboldo
      portrait            portrait
Arts from Panama (Hispanic Heritage Month) 
Fifth graders made paper Molas inspired by the Kuna Indians of Panama.
   Paper Mola               Mola
 mola           mola
Operation Rain Barrel

ATS fifth graders are working on designing/painting a rain barrel for the 2015 Operation Rain Barrel. The Operation Rain Barrel is a fun, creative project with Arlington Public Schools that engage students and teach about environmental sustainability. Operation Rain Barrel is a project students begin each January and culminates at Go Gaga for Green–a community-wide event celebrating environmental sustainability–in April at the Arlington Campus. This event is sponsor by George Mason University’s Office of Community and Local Government Relations.

rain barrel
Bumper Sticker Design
 As part of the Arts in the Schools Month (March) celebration, fifth graders created bumper sticker drawings designs.
sticker design    design
Fifth graders helped with class play sceneries/backdrops
Surprising Forms
The students created open or close forms using painted paper.
form    form
Matt Sesow
Fifth graders are learning about different artists with disabilities. They made artwork (owls) inspired by local artist Matt Sesow.
Check the art news link for more information on other artist with disabilities mentioned in class. http://http://www.apsva.us/Page/3607
Sesow        sesow
Codex Books 
Mr.Martin's class made Mayan inspired codex books. 
Codex         Books
Codex book          book
                                          Codex books

The monument/ DC landmarks made a splash at the Reading Carnival. All posters are currently on display at our school library.
Check them out!

posters        monuments

Air & Space       Reading is Monumental

Reading Carnival Day Posters
Fifth graders worked very hard making posters for the Reading Carnival Day. Their hard work paid off!
Look at some fabulous samples.

Carnival       Washington Monument

memorial       White House

Fifth graders are working hard making posters (monuments and other DC area places of interest) for our Reading Carnival Day.

Reading Carnival       Posters

Lincoln          poster

Arts from Mexico (Hispanic Heritage Month)
"Alebrijes" papier mache sculpture.
alebrije    alebrijes
alebrijes    alebrije
2013-2014 School Year

Fifth graders looked and compared portraits made by artists: James Brooks and Charles White. The students practiced creating shading, and making sketches of a classmate.
Lesson adapted from Davis Explorations in Art grade 5 curriculum, Unit 1, Lesson 2, We the People: People and their Stories/Our Faces in Light: Value and Shading.
portrait              portratit
Fifth graders worked with Katherine McGwier (parent and artist) creating beautiful clay pieces. The students learned about the "raku" history and firing techniques. Ms. Perez helped coordinate a visit to Washington Lee High School were the students got to see "raku" firing demonstrations. WL High school students shared their artwork and showed the students how to use the potter's wheel under Mrs. Bickelhaupt (art teacher) supervision.
clay     raku     raku
The students created a still life collage using a value scale.
still life           still life
Creative Creatures
Fifth graders created a painting of an animal, fish, or bird shapes decorated with bold colors and patterns.
creative features           my creative creatures
creative creature              creative creature
A Window with a View
The students created an artwork in an individual style with attention to foreground, background, and an illusion of space.
work in progress           
Other Projects: 
* During the school year, fifth graders were busy making posters for Reading Carnival Day and helping with play sceneries.
* Clay Portrait Bust
   The students created a portrait bust in clay, attending to porportions and expressive qualities. 
* My Dream Home
   The students drew a picture of a fecade of a dream house.
Optical Illusion
   The students used lines, colors, and spaces to create the illusion of motion.
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