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First Grade


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Language Arts
Social Studies
Shared reading and writing; Developing awareness of print; phonic principles; Exploring reading strategies
, Word Study; Learning the writing process through “Shared Moments”
Addition to 10 Subtraction to 10
Early Number Activities;
Operations and Simple Equations
What is a scientist?; Earth/space; cycles (season-Fall)
School Communities; Rules, Voting and Authority; Patriotic Symbols; Christopher Columbus
Safety; Feelings; Body Parts and Systems
November- December
Guided reading and writing; Word Study; Using reading strategies with guidance; Writing “Small Moments” and Letters
Addition to 12; Subtraction to 12; Story Problem Strategies; Basic Ten-Structured Concepts
Cycles (season-Winter)
Family Communities; Timelines; Comparing Past, Present and Future
Family Relationships; Accepting Change
January- February
Reading for meaning; Practicing using reading strategies more independently; Writing Poetry and Non-fiction

Addition to 14; Subtraction to 14;

Ten-Structured Applications; Comparisons and Data Formats
Resources; (3 Rs, parks, land use, animal life)
Neighborhood Communities: Continents and oceans; map skills and physical characteristics of land; Black History month; George Washington; Abraham Lincoln
Nutrition; Dental & Physical Hygiene; Exercise
March - April
Greater emphasis on independent reading and writing; Moving from learning to read to reading to learn; Developing greater fluency; Writing “Revising/Editing”
Addition to 14; Subtraction to 14; Fractions, Circle Graphs, and Clocks; Money and 2-Digit Addition
Cycles (season-Spring); Animal Life Processes; Plant Life Processes
Economics; Making Choices; Goods and Services; Buyers and Sellers; Saving Money; George W. Carver
Health Professionals
May- June
Choosing to read from different genres; Writing Research Reports
Addition to 18; Subtraction to 18; Analyze Story Problems; Measurement and Supplemental Lessons; Review
Matter; Force; Motion; Energy
World Communities- Culture, Customs, Ethnic Origins; Rural, Urban and Suburban;
Benjamin Franklin
Safe Medicine vs. poisons
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