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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Exemplary Project

Kindergarten Service Project

Community Helpers
Our little ones learn all about communities in Kindergarten. Classroom teachers work with Mrs. Spranger to introduce and participate in lessons about community helpers. They learn about police officers, and will meet one in their classroom, and letter carriers and receive letters from Mrs. Spranger, to see if the postal service really works. Through books they will meet store owners and veterinarians, trash collectors and doctors, just to mention a few. To kick off this unit of study students become community helpers themselves! Every Valentine’s Day, our kindergarteners make bagged lunches for a local homeless shelter. They attach homemade Valentines to the bags before they are sent off to the shelter. Our Kindergarteners also spend time working in the gardens, as a way to be helpers to their school community. Again, this project is a wonderful example of how making real-world connections enhances the curriculum.
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