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Friday, June 24, 2016

Exemplary Project

First Grade Habitat Photo Gallery

In the beginning of the school year, the student will share about good habits while working outdoors. They will be reminded to use walking feet and talking voices and to leave the outdoors the way they found it. Unless of course they had been instructed to dig, pick, plant, remove and even eat something found in the garden!

First graders spend a great deal of time exploring our gardens. They receive a "refresher course" in basic gardening rules and how to use gardening tools. They plant vegetable seeds, monitor their growth, and harvest the food when the time is right!

First graders also study the different types of trees growing in our outdoor classroom. They walk around the grounds, classifying trees into two categories, either deciduous or evergreen. First graders “adopt” a tree and make observations and including bark rubbings of their tree. This same activity will be conducted during each season, to document how trees change throughout the year!

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