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Monday, June 27, 2016

Exemplary Project

Second Grade Service Project

Patterns Are All Around Us

Second graders theme for the year is patterns. They will study healthy eating habits and how to stay fit and healthy. Is there a pattern found here? Perhaps they will feel better and perform better in school if eating habits follow the My Plate guidelines. Perhaps they will feel better and perform better if there is increased fitness and healthier hygene habits. A pattern is starting here! While children are learning these lifelong skills they will be thinking about how they can provide a service for their local community. In the past, children have grown tomato plants from seed and sold the seedlings to raise money for A.F.A.C., our local food bank. Children have also hosted a Healthy Choices Food Drive to provide the food bank with healthy items for their shelves. Providing students with curriculum and an opportunity to tie their knowledge to a service project enables them to make real-world connections to last a lifetime.
Not only will students discover patterns in their health unit they work on patterns in other subject areas while spending time in the Outdoor Classroom, otherwise known as The Habitat. Here children will look for patterns in the natural world. These can range from the patterns found in birdnests, to patterns in clouds, to patterns on leaves! 
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