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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Exemplary Project

Third Grade Service Project

Inter-generational Book Making Project
Our students will be published authors this year! They are writing autobiographies, stories of their own lives. They will interview a family member from another generation and write a biography of that special person. Both stories will be included in the final book. Children will learn about changes over time, and how some ways of life have changed, while others have stayed them same.
Students will celebrate their published books with families in June. They will also share their books with first grade book buddies. At this time the younger students will be presented with hand-made book marks, made by third graders. As an additional service to the community, our third graders will hold a Gently-Used Book Drive to promote literacy and help get books into the hands of people who need them the most!
A Special Guest
Ms. Lulu Delacre visited our third graders who are participating in an Inter-Generational Book Making Project. Ms. Delacre shared her illustrating techniques. She also shared her book, Salsa Stories. It's a book of fiction, short stories, about different family traditions. The kids are writing their own books. They will be works of non-fiction comparing the changes over time between their generation and that of their parent's or grandparent's generation. The children will illustrate their books also, including a cut paper collage of their favorite page!
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