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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Exemplary Project

Fourth Grade Service Project

Exploring the School Yard Habitat

Our fourth graders will spend the first semester of school exploring the School Yard Habitat. They will get up close and personal with the gardens that surround our school! Students will research and report on the many varieties of plants, trees and shrubs growing in our Outdoor Classroom. They will become experts and share their knowledge with their schoolmates and local community members through the creation of Field Guides. These brochures will teach others about the history of our gardens and what can be found growing in them.

Students will create plant signs for our gardens too. They will paint wooden spoons with the names of almost all the plants in our gardens. This is the second part or their plant research project.

Students take part in the "Journey North" Tulip Project. This project helps track the arrival of spring using tulip bulbs rather than our calendars! This program includes the dissection of a bulb, planting a bulb and many opportunities for stating a hypothesis, making observations, documenting changes, the recording of information and much more. 
4th graders will harvest cotton in the fall.  They will learn about this historically important crop.  Next spring they will sow seeds they harvested for next year's 4th graders.  Along with cotton, our students will plant and care for many other vegetables in our garden!

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