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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Exemplary Project

Fifth Grade Service Project


Our fifth graders will learn about the impact our school and surrounding neighborhoods have on the water quality of Four Mile Run and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.

Students will "follow a drop of rainwater,” explore and complete maps of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and locate where in the world it is. They'll create a simulated watershed, explore our School Yard Habitat and determine whether we positively or negatively impact the quality of the water of Four Mile Run and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. Depending on the research and results, students will decide on a problem to be solved through a service project to better the community.

After weeks of school-based activities, we’ll hit the road! Students will walk to ALCOVA Park to conduct a stream study of Doctor's Branch, which is a tributary of Four Mile Run. Students will examine the area. They’ll make observations and document evidence of bank erosion. They’ll observe the water and the soil, smelling and looking closely at both. A chemical test will be performed on the water. Students will record the pH and dissolved oxygen levels, as well as turbidity and temperature. Finally, students will put on waders and walk into the stream to hunt for macro-invertebrates. The results of these tests will be used to determine a final service project for our students. 

After learning about the environment and how humans impact the watershed everyday, students will determine how to make eco-friendly building/construction decisions. They will don hard hats and tool-belts, complete with power tools, to construct an 8x8x12ft. “green” house at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

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