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Schoolyard Habitat News and Updates

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Our Schoolyard Habitat
Our gardens were designed to represent our diverse population. Several years ago the Asian garden was designed by 5th grade students. It incorporated a very popular water feature, the fish pond. Many native plants and shrubs were planted around the pond area. Most of the items were donated by families, friends and staff members of Patrick Henry School.
fish  windy 
The fish in our pond.                                                                  A Holly in the School Yard Habitat.                                             
To the right of the pond is a Colonial Vegetable garden. This area is used by students as a place to study all aspects of gardening. Last year most of our vegetables were planted from seed, started indoors! New crops are cultivated each year. Over the summer, families sign up to help maintain the area during the main growing season.
Across from the pond, on the right as the children go out for recess is a Butterfly Garden. Here, plants and shrubs have been placed to attract butterflies and to act as both host and food sources. (Visit the Demonstration Butterfly Garden at the Walter Reed Community Center some day! Our own Patrick Henry 4th graders designed and installed the garden. You'll find fabulous stepping stones throughout the garden, representing the life cycle of the butterfly, which were created by 2nd graders.)
Winterberry showing off it's bright red berries. 
Behind the pond, in raised beds, are the Hispanic Herb beds and a Pumkpin Patch. Students tend these areas during the school year and again, families sign up to maintain throughout the summer. Herb picking is fine, but please leave the Pumpkin Patch as is, so students can see the products of their hard work.
Across from the Herb Garden you will find a Memorial Garden. pansy
Pansy patterns will be designed
The newest additon to our Gardens of the World is the Middle Eastern garden, located at the front entrance of our school. Unlike the gardens in the back, this area is open top the public, 24 hours a day. It was designed after a contemporary garden, including aspects of symmetry, the four cardinal directions, flowering and fruit bearing trees and shrubs, and a unique water feature with four urns representing the continous flow of water, wine, milk and honey.
We are so proud of our beautiful Schoolyard Habitat. We are recognized by the National Wildlife Federation and have a certified Schoolyard Habitat. Check out http://www.nwf.org/schoolyard/ to learn more about our certification. You can also explore this site to find out about certifying your OWN backyard.
We are looking for volunteers to become garden leaders in a new "Adopt-A-Garden" program. As a garden leader you may choose a garden area in which you would like to work, invite your family, friends and neighbors to help you maintain that particular garden area, and be the contact person. This is a great way for your children to provide a service to their community and to make real world connections to what they are learning in school. Contact susan.spranger@apsva.us if you are interested in being a garden leader, or if you wish to be added to someone's list for helping out in the gardens.
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