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Animal - Shubunken Goldfish

Shubunken Goldfish  
The Shubunkin Goldfish has become a very popular pond fish since it is one of the toughest goldfish types.  It is an eminent member of the carp family.

The average Shubunkin goldfish is in the middle of skinny and fat but about 17 and a half centimeters long.  The Shubunkin Goldfish has a slender, sleek, and slippery body just like the Common Goldfish, but distinguishes itself by having red, brown, orange and yellow colors combined with black spots, so called the “calico colors”. These colors are found on the main body as well as on the fins and are displayed on a violet or silvery-blue background. The Shubunkin goldfish has blue on it that means that it is prized.  Even though it looks like a coy fish, it has the eating habits and the reflexes of a carp fish.”

Diet & Habitat
They’re often found in ponds  and they hide under rocks which is why people don’t see many of their kind very often.  It is in a group called the carp family.  Believe it or not, the Shubunkin Goldfish originated in Japan. The recommended amount of food will depend on the temperature of the water or season of the year. The reason some Shubunkin ponds are so dirty is because the Shubunkin fish eats the Algae and the nutrients and stuff off of the rocks and in the next seven hours or so, it regurgitates it (or, throws it up).

The Shubunkin goldfish is different than other goldfish which makes it unique in its on way.  

-Carter A. and Ben S.
Last Modified on August 16, 2012