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Research Links (Pathfinders)

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The following subscription databases require a username and password: eLibrary,  Encyclopedia Britannica, Gale,  and World Book. Usernames and passwords can be found in Blackboard by clicking on the For Students tab across the top of the page and the Library Online tab on left.

California Gold Rush, Mexican War, Mormons, Oregon Trail, Pioneers, Texas

provided by Arlington County

(need username & password from home)
Encyclopedia Britannica
World Book Online

Newspaper, Magazine Articles & Reference Books

Gale Group - HUGE  collection of databases
SIRS Discoverer
Ancient Egypt
Good Websites
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt - The British Museum 
Mysteries of Egypt - Canadian Museum


Good Websites
Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece - British Museum
Ancient Greece - Kidipede
Good Websites
Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome - Kidipede
Romans - BBC
Good Websites
Aztec World

Good Websites
Italian Renaissance
Italian Renaissance - Victoria & Albert Museum
Renaissance - Annenberg Foundation
Medici Family - Galileo Project

Good Websites
Japan of the Samurai
How Samurai Work - Howstuffworks.com
Samurai - Fact Monster
Good Websites
Mayan Civilization
Unmasking the Maya - Smithsonian
Good Websites
Medieval Times and the Crusades
Good Websites 
Norseman - How Stuff Works
Vikings - Smithsonian
Vikings - NOVA
Vikings - BBC
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