Welcome aboard flight Español 432 to a variety of Spanish links. Your pilot today will be Señora Bronstein, Spanish teacher at Williamsburg Middle School. Please enjoy your flight through cyberspace. As the students do, you too can fly through the Internet on these Spanish links. Enjoy your travels.

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Major Spanish Links
Countries & Cities
Animales en español


Major Spanish Links 

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Countries and Cities: ¿Habla Ud. español?
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Culture: Art, Music, and People

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Animales en español

Browse and enjoy these sites to help you choose an animal found in a Spanish-speaking country for your project. Once you have chosen an animal, use these sites and search for others to research your animal. Remember you need at least two internet sources and at least one resource in Spanish. (This can be a book, encyclopedia, or an internet site.)

Here's a bilingual site about animals and pets with great links.

Conexiones bilingües sobre animales y mascotas

This site deals with endangered animals.

Animales en peligro de extinción

Here's a site dealing with meat-eating animals (carnivores).

Unos animales carnívoros

These sites contain virtual tours of zoos in Spain.

These sites contain virtual tours of zoos in Latin America.

Here's a picture of Copito de Nieve, the only albino gorilla to live in captivity. He was at the Barcelona Zoo until his death on November 25, 2003.

Here's an interactive visit to Belize’s zoo.
Here’s a list of animals in the Selva section of the Brevard Zoo. Here’s a site dedicated to desert animals. This site describes an unusual animal found in Cuba. This fun site gives the sounds of the world’s animals in español. This site deals with the jaguar, an animal found in Latin America.

This site lists reptiles and amphibians found around Hacienda Barú Preserve in Costa Rica.

These sites describe animals found in South America.

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