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AP Network



"The Advanced Placement Program (AP), sponsored by the College Board offers high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses in high school and receive credit, advanced placement, or both when they enter college. Currently, AP exams are offered in 38 subjects. In 2005, approximately 1.2 million students took more than 2.1 million exams, and over 2,000 universities worldwide use the AP Program to some extent.

Today, it is universally acknowledged that the greatest predictor of college graduation is participation in rigorous, college-level courses in high school — and AP courses in particular. As such, Wakefield encourages all students, who are willing and interested, to take AP courses, as we believe that these courses are designed for the prepared and not simply the "gifted" student. The Wakefield AP Network, which began as an Exemplary Project approved by the Arlington County School Board in the Spring of 2004, is rooted in this belief. Since the Network's inception, the faculty and staff at Wakefield have been “networking” and creating numerous academic and counseling programs to facilitate greater numbers of students, representing the cultural and gender diversity of the school, into pre-AP and AP courses. Among these programs are the Foundations Pre-AP Program, the Pre-AP Bridge Program, the Academic Cohort, United Minority Girls for college-bound juniors and seniors, Spanish Immersion, the AP Study Seminar, Warriors' Period and the AP Summer Bridge Program. Details about the operation of the AP Network and these programs can be found in the Powerpoint presentations and documents listed below."
What it is:Click Here for a description of the program and its benefits.
Assistance ScheduleClick here to get to AP Teachers' Schedule for Student Assistance
CoordinatorsDr. Wiersma; Mr. Grill
The Cohort Program was started in 2000 to address the fact that few Black and Hispanic males were enrolled in AP classes.
Cohort Mission Statement
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