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Application Instructions for Teaching Positions

(Includes Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists)

We carefully screen all applications to ascertain which applicants will be invited to interview for positions. We conduct this screening based on review of the required information which you submit with your application. Applications are not processed unless all required information is included with the application. Incomplete applications are invalidated and discarded.  Please do not contact individual schools regarding vacancies. 
For information on Virginia Department of Education licensure regulations click here.

Online application instructions and requirements: 

  • Fields marked with a red arrow are required.  The system will not allow you to submit your application until all required fields are completed.
  • There are specific instructions on formatting the file prior to uploading.  Please read the instructions within the application for this information.
  • Dates must be entered in the formats indicated.  If a field asks for a whole number, you cannot enter a decimal point or it will be returned with an error message.
  • Upon completion of each page within the application, use the Continue/Save button at the bottom of each page.  If you do not use the Continue/Save button your information will not be saved.  There will be a list at the left to keep you informed of your progress.
  • To apply for a specific position, click the Add Job button on the “Employment Opportunities” section of the application.
  • When all sections are complete, click the SUBMIT button and your application will be sent to Human Resources.  You must successfully submit your application before it will show in the system.
  • You may return to your application at any time to make changes, additions, or to select another posted position to be considered for.
  • Upon successful submission of your online application form, you will receive an email confirmation.
  • Arlington Public Schools requests that candidates do not contact schools regarding employment.
  • To register as a NEW applicant (have never registered before), click here to begin .
  • To EDIT an existing application or add a job to your existing application click here to login.

Requested Documents to Complete Your Application:

Resume:   An up to date resume with all work experience.
Transcripts: Copies of all college transcripts unless you currently hold a valid Virginia teaching license (Unofficial copies of transcripts are acceptable).
License: Submit copies of teaching licenses or letter of eligibility for a Virginia license.  
               (For information on how to become licensed to teach in Virginia click here.)
Professional Teacher Assessment Scores: Applicants with fewer than two years of full time teaching experience must submit scores.
If you are unable to upload your information you can send your documents to the following address:


Human Resources Applications Processing
Public Schools
1426 North Quincy Street, Arlington, VA 22207


You are encouraged to update information within your application at any time.  Please keep your contact information current. Arlington Public Schools requests that candidates do not contact schools regarding employment.  Any questions regarding employment must be directed to Human Resources at 703-228-6189 or 703-228-6101. 
  • To update, log-in using the your user id and password you created.  Go to the area you wish to update and change the information.  Be sure to click the continue/save button at the bottom of the page.  Click the submit button.  
  • You must click SUBMIT for any updated information to be sent to Human Resources.
  • To apply for a specific posted position please follow these instructions:
    1. Log into your application and select the appropriate application. If you are a new online application user, please register with the online system, then proceed to Step 2.
    2. Login to your application, select the appropriate application, click the Start Application button at the bottom of the page.
    3. Click the Continue/Save button at the bottom of each web page until you reach the Employment Openings page of the application.
    4. On the Employment Openings page, click the Add Job button.
    5. Select the position you would like to apply for from the drop down list.v
    6. Click the Add Another button to add a different position to your application or if you have finished click the Continue button and proceed to Step 7.
    7. Once you have finished selecting the job(s) click the Continue button at the bottom of each web page and submit the application. (You will need to complete the Applicant Testimony and Applicant's Authorization Statement every time you re-submit your application.)
    8. Click the Submit button on the left.
    9. Click the Submit Application button to finish applying for an APS position(s).
    Please do not contact the schools regarding job openings.
  • To view all of your documents we have one file, click on the  "View Application/View Submitted or Uploaded Documents" link when you log into your application.  Continue monitoring our website for openings and feel free to apply to any job you are interested in by selecting the job in your application and re-submitting your application.
  • Once you select a job(s) and submit your application your name is provided to the administrator as an interested candidate.  It is then up to the administrator to review your information and decide which candidates to interview.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an interview for each application received.

Screening Interview

Human Resources maintains a pool of screened applicants for each teaching area. As we become aware of immediate and future vacancies, qualified applicants are selected for screening interviews. Applicants whose credentials and experience suggest the greatest potential for success in Arlington will be invited for a screening interview. Those selected are placed on active referral and are given priority for interviews with principals or other administrators for vacant positions.


Selection Interview

Applicants who are on active referral and who are referred for a specific vacancy will be interviewed by the principal or appropriate administrator. The principal or administrator will make recommendations to Human Resources to fill the vacancy.

Notification of Employment

Notification of employment comes only from Human Resources. If selected for a position, you will be informed by Human Resources of your starting date and the terms and conditions of employment. You will be contacted regarding a date and time to come to Human Resources to sign your contract and other appropriate documents.

Application Renewal

Applications are active for the school year for which you apply. Please notify the Human Resources in writing to reactivate your application for an additional year.

Communication with Human Resources

Human Resources will contact you if there is a need for information or if you are selected for an interview. Changes in the information on your application can be done online. Please do not contact schools regarding employment or to setup interviews.
Interns are assigned to school psychologists in the school setting, under supervision of the Director of
Pupil Services, in the Department of Student Services. School psychologists provide a wide range of
support services to their schools, including behavioral intervention at the school, class or individual
level, consultation with staff and parents, peer and community education, group and individual
counseling, risk assessments, crisis management, and psychological evaluations. School psychology
interns are offered the opportunity to participate in all of these activities alongside their building level
supervisor.  (More)
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