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Friday, November 28, 2014

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Thomas Jefferson Middle School prepares all students to be active members of the global community and skilled reflective communicators who can apply their learning to benefit the world around them. 

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  • Important Update!ipad iPad Pilot Program Update: iPads are being received and set up to hand out to students very soon. The process, however, is not an immediate one.  It will be a rolling deployment.  All students will not have an iPad in their hands at the exact same time.  But, we will keep working to make the process as quick as possible.  Before students can take iPads home, they must sign off on the guidelines and expectations.  Please read these guidelines with your students.  The last sheet needs to be signed and returned to the student’s TA teacher.  These forms will be sent home with your student for your convenience.  Teachers are also very excited to use the iPads in class.  They have been participating in professional development with a lot more to come. Teachers have also been thinking up new strategies to incorporate these tools into their instructional practice.  Please know that these iPads are just another tool for students and teachers to use.  They are not necessarily intended to be a magic bullet or a replacement for existing successful practices.  Teachers will also be working with the counseling department to introduce topics of Internet safety and digital citizenship at team meetings.  In terms of other security issues, there is no expectation that students will have to connect to Wi-Fi  at home.  If a parent feels comfortable letting a student use the Internet at home, that decision is fine. But, all assignments and home use will not depend on Internet access as a school policy.  If you have not yet completed the Apple ID process and shared the password with your child’s TA teacher, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your support, your enthusiasm, and your patience.  Find more information about the Digital Learning Initiative here.
  • Don't forget to enter the Martin Luther King, Jr. Literary and Visual Arts Contest! MLK
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  • Jefferson Book Fairbooks
  • mic New! Check out the latest edition of the Jefferson Post.

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studentvue The StudentVUE information portal allows students to view their grades and attendance as well as stay on top of classroom happenings, assignments, tests, academic performance, and more.
If you have problems logging in, or need help resetting your password, go and see one of the designated staff members at your school. If you can log in, but you aren’t seeing what you think you should see, talk to your teacher for that class.
A mobile app is also available.  When installing the StudentVUE app for iOS (Apple) or Android devices, you will be prompted for a District URL or Domain. The Arlington District URL for StudentVUE is synergy.apsva.us

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