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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Modeling IB

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    IB Learners of the Month: Thinkers
    Thinkers use critical and creative thinking skills to take responsible action on complex problems. They take initiative but think before taking action. They also make ethical choices. Thinkers are problem-solvers who their best to take fair and appropriate action when faced with challenges and difficult decisions.
    Our IB Thinkers:
    Dophins: Jennifer Lopez-Perez
    Owls: Walter Euceda 
    Stingrays: Sophia Snyder
    Monarch: Emma Miller
    Penguin team: MyChi Haan 
    Phoenix Team- Bryan Lopez
    Eagles: Natalia Paley-Whitman
    Gators: Spencer Johnston
    To see how parents can help develop learner profile qualities at home, click here. You can also discover more information about the IBMYP by viewing this video and checking the IB Section of the website.
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Our Mission

Thomas Jefferson Middle School prepares all students to be active members of the global community and skilled reflective communicators who can apply their learning to benefit the world around them. 

yj   Jefferson Buzzzzzz....
  • From Ms. Johnston science : We took 35 wonderful students to JMU and had a fabulous time filled with LOTS of STELLAR presentations, and very poised and knowledgeable students answering questions from the judges and their peers. 

    We have learned that 6 of our students either PLACED or earned Honorable Mentions in their respective categories. Please congratulate the following students on Tuesday:

    Animal and Human Sciences: Matthew Jaffe—SECOND PLACE!

    Chemical Sciences: Katie Fried—SECOND PLACE!

    Chemical Sciences: Evan Maly—SECOND PLACE!

    Human Behavior: Laney McDonnell—SECOND PLACE!

    Animal and Human Sciences: Jordan Mosley—Honorable Mention

    Engineering and Mathematics: Tucker Stanley—Honorable Mention

  • From Ms. Smith:  Grade 8 End of Year Activities and Permission Slip (English) (Spanish)
  • Congratulations Jefferson community!  The BestSchools.org has recognized Thomas Jefferson Middle School as one of "50 Inspiring Schools Meeting the Challenge."
  • news Important!  New information regarding SOL expedited retakes.  Check out this year's SOL testing calendar.  And from Ms. Boggan: SOL Tips for Success(English) SOL Tips for Success(Spanish)
  • sync audiobooks Free young adult audiobooks for you to download!  Go to www.audiobooksync.com for more information.
  • Math SOL Review Resources are available now in Blackboard under Jefferson Online. Click Math Information on the left hand side to begin reviewing today!
  • International Game Day is June 12!  Sign up to volunteer today!
  • flowers May Activities Calendar
  • Amazon Link By following this link to amazon.com Jefferson Middle School is supported with every sale!

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