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Early Childhood (Pre-K Programs)

Montessori Program

A Montessori student explores color.

 Arlington Public Schools (APS) celebrates forty years of Montessori education. APS currently has 19 primary classrooms in eight elementary schools. In addition, Drew Model offers six lower elementary and three upper elementary classes. Gunston offers one Montessori class for middle school students.

 Montessori education, based on the work of Maria Montessori, is an interdisciplinary, multi-age approach to learning. Students work independently and cooperatively in a prepared environment which allows students to work at their own pace.
 Montessori teaching materials are designed to promote habits of concentration, initiative, persistence, and discovery, while the Montessori philosophy and community emphasizes respect for others, peace, and creativity.
Take a glimpse into a typical Montessori classrooms Primary thru Middle Years:
Check out this video created by one of our Montessori teachers, Mrs. Noemi Carmack:


Primary Montessori Application

Families complete the Early Childhood Income Verification form (below) only if the child has been offered a slot in the Primary Montessori Program as a three or four year old student.
Montessori Teachers
 Our dedicated Arlington Montessori teachers
Montessori Teachers
Why Stay for K?
More Information on the Montessori Program
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