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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Adult Education

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The Arlington Adult Education Program is pleased to annouce Community Education Online Classes. These courses are made available to provide community education students the opportunity to take classes online through any Internet connection. Take the classes when and where you want. The flexibility is extremely beneficial for students whose schedules do not allow them to participate in teacher led classes that meet at specific times and locations.
Below you will find a list of online classes available through the Arlington Adult Education Program. The cost for each course is also listed. This price allows students to work with the online class for up to 90 days.
Course Code                   Course Title         Cost
OLB01 Basics of Business Math $60
OLB05 Effective Business Communication $50
OLB10 Business Ethics Series $60
OLB15 Fundamentals of Business Management $60
OLB20 Customer Service Series $65
OLB25 Sexual Harassment - The Workplace $75
OLB30 Negotiating Series $75
OLB35 Motivation Series $50
OLB40 Budget & Saving Series $60
OLB45 Home Business Series $65
OLB55 Resume Series $50
OLB60 Project Management Series $60
OLC01 Access 2003 Series MS $75
OLC02 Access 2007 Series MS $75
OLC05 Excel 2003 Series MS $75
OLC06 Excel 2007 Series MS $75
OLC08 Word 2003 Series MS $75
OLC10 Word 2007 Series MS $75
OLC13 Internet/Internet Explorer 6 $60
OLC15 Introduction to PC Series $60
OLC20 Office 2000 Series MS $75
OLC21 Office 2010 Series MS $75
OLC25 Outlook 2003 MS $75
OLC26 Outlook 2007 MS $75
OLC28 PowerPoint 2003 Series MS $75
OLC29 PowerPoint 2007 Series MS $75
OLC35 MS Project 2003 Series $75
OLC40 MS Word 2003 $75
OLC45 Dreamweaver MX Series $75
OLC50 Flash MX Series $75
OLC55 MS Front Page $75
OLC60 Web Publishing & Design with HTML $75
OLC65 Internet Marketing Series $75
OLC70 Java Web Services $65
OLC75 Photoshop CS Series $75
OLC80 Linux LPIC 101 Series $75
OLC85 Visual Basic 6.0  Series $75
OLC95 Crystal Reports 8 Series $75