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Autism Services

Autism Resources
New Autism Resources from the VDOE
  • Guidelines for Educating Students with Autism (PDF) - Click Here
  • Autism and the Transition to Adulthood (PDF) - Click Here
Autism Strategies

That may be used in accordance with each student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • consistent data collection for assessment, lesson planning, and recording progress
  • positive behavioral supports
  • social skill opportunities to facilitate peer interactions, reciprocity, conversations, facial regard, and turn taking
  • autism awareness peer training
  • programmatic sensory opportunities in consultation with an occupational therapist
  • speech, sign language, picture symbols, photographs, and voice output devices to augment communication
  • assistive technology as needed through the I.E.P. process
  • physically engineering the environment for success
  • visual supports may include visual schedules, cue cards, behavior checklists, first -then charts, activity mats, work systems, and organizational strategies
Curricula and Materials
ASD Social Skills Materials - Click Here
Math Curriculum & Materials
Language Arts Curriculum & Materials
STAR Autism Program
  • Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research - Click Here
Professional Development
Ongoing staff development is provided based on a yearly needs assessment. Such topics as communication, social skills, behavior, IEP development, sensory motor skills, partnerships with parents and assistive technology are addressed. In addition, individual teachers, school teams, instructional assistants and related service providers are trained on an as needed basis.
The schools work closely with the Arlington Parent Resource Center to provide companion presentations for families on the same topics provided to staff throughout the year.
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