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Computer Maintenence Technician


Computer Systems Technology

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Steve Love



Have you ever opened up and looked inside a computer and noticed all the different parts and wondered how it all works? Do you get interested when a friend talks about upgrading their computer with a new internet connection or dvd burner? Are you interested in things like Mega Bytes, Giga Hertz, graphics accelerator cards and CPUs? Do you want to learn how to repair a broken computer system or upgrade the capabilities of your computer? Do you like solving problems with computers through your knowledge of the Operating System? Then this could be the class for you!

Students in Computer Systems Technology gain knowledge about why a computer works and the inner-workings of the computer. We cover the skills needed to become a Computer Maintenance Technician, such as installation, repairing, upgrading, troubleshooting, loading operating systems, configuring system parameters and networking basics. The course is designed to be interesting, practical and relevant for students who wish to become trained or specialize in the field of Computer Systems Support.

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