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Career Development

"Professional learning is an investment that pays dividends in improved staff performance and student learning. Well designed and implemented professional development for school employees is an essential long-term investment. Carving out time during the school day for that professional learning is the responsibility of every school and district."

Valerie von Frank, Finding Time for Professional Learning

2011-12 APS Professional Learning Days*

Educators learn most effectively when they have time to learn and collaborate to accomplish the school’s mission and goals. Recognizing the importance of time to work together to analyze, reflect, and act on school-specific data, APS teachers and instructional assistants have an additional one day of professional learning this year. This uninterrupted time will give school communities an extra day to reflect on student achievement data and develop responsive action plans.

Expected Outcomes for the added Professional Learning Day for Teachers on October 10:

  • Increase student achievement
  • Identify areas of focus for future professional learning (early release days and other school based-professional development days)
  • Use data protocols to delve into root cause
  • Explore the reasons a particular root cause exists
  • Focus peer collaborative inquiry on achievement and access to advanced classes
  • Create action plans aligned with school management plans
  • Assess student learning to inform instruction and monitor progress for all
    • Use assessment to plan instruction
    • Explore a wide range of assessment methods
    • Design assessments that are congruent with instructional goals
    • Communicate assessment processes and results
    • Promote students’ self-assessments


Mark Your 2011-12 School Year Calendars:

Teachers - Monday, October 10th* (Columbus Day)

Barcroft teachers and assistants met July 26* (due to their alternative calendar)

Assistants - Monday, January 23rd (Snow Date - Monday, April 9th)

This is in addition to the APS assistant  inservice day scheduled on Tuesday, November 8th.
Campbell assistants will meet Thursday, March 1st (due to their alternative calendar) in addition to Tuesday, November 8th.

 Additional Resources

  • Memo to administrators June 14, 2011 (posted in the Leadership Memo 6/15/2011)
  • Save the Date Flyer (posted in Newscheck 6/17/2011) 
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the day
  • Planning Timeline
  • Pilot at Barcroft
  • Agenda for the day- Teachers (PDF)(Word)
  • Root Cause Analysis
    • Powerpoint Presentation (updated 9/26/11)
    • Root Cause Handout (PDF) (Word)
    • Key School Root Cause Session
    • Planning for School Leadership Teams (optional)
      School leadership team members are invited to attend a support planning session individually or as teams. We will review the agenda for the PD day and provide detailed assistance with the root cause analysis section of the presentation. Each session is a repeat of the same content, so participants only need to attend one session.
      • 9/22, 4:00-5:30 Changed location: Gunston Cafeteria- register in ERO session #20122823402
      • 9/26, 4:00-5:30 Changed location: Gunston Cafeteria- register in ERO session #20122823403
      • 9/29, 3:30-5:00 Changed location: Jefferson Gold Commons- register in ERO session #20122823404
      • 10/3, 3:30-5:00 Changed location: Jefferson Gold Commons- register in ERO session #20122823405
      • Video of planning session
  • Definition of Professional Development
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