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Monday, June 27, 2016

Telleria, Marlon

Introduction to Engineering Design


The course explores engineering disciplines and the engineering design process. Student will learn to solve problems and think as an engineer, regardless of discipline. This is achieved through regular class instructions, activities and projects. Hands-on. it's fun.

Since math and science are integral parts of an engineer's tool set, it is recommended to enroll in algebra, geometry, and science courses such as physics and chemistry. During the last 2 quarters of the year, the course focuses in the use of Inventor Autodesk 3D Inventor solid modeling design program.

Project Lead The Way - PLTW curriculum is a provider of a rigorous and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) curriculum programs used in middle and high schools across U.S. It is implemented at Wakefield High School.

A typical engineering student is one that has shown curiosity, interest and initiative in fixing, dismantling, or putting “things” together at home. Usually this happens since early childhood.  This course encourages and compensates those who engage in home improvement (and volunteer work) activities as long as they are supervised by parents or permitted adult. However, home improvement has nothing to do with regular chores assigned by parents. Download Form.(word doc).

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