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Facilities Planning

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Facilities Planning

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  • Community Working Group to Site a New Neighborhood Elementary School in South Arlington

    Posted by Lionel White at 5/28/2015
    The Arlington School Board invites the community to a public forum on Tue, June 9, at 7 pm at the Arlington Career Center. The focus of the meeting will be to discuss the process to select a site for a new neighborhood elementary school in South Arlington. This community forum will provide background information on the issue and explain the South Arlington Working Group being organized to help guide the decision-making process. Every South Arlington PTA, civic association and community organization involved will have a representative and an alternate on this working group. Individuals who are interested in serving as a representative for their organization should contact their PTA or civic association leadership. 

    The charge for this working group is to assist the School Board in determining the site for a new 725-seat neighborhood elementary school by December 2015, preferably for completion by September 2019. The group will work with staff to evaluate and analyze site options for the new school.  

    Additional community forums and other tools will be used to engage the public throughout the process.

    Please plan to attend this kickoff community forum on June 9th at the Career Center at 7 pm. 
     School Talk Message: (Spanish)
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  • APS to Host Community Meetings on Capacity Solutions for Swanson and Williamsburg

    Posted by Lionel White at 5/22/2015
    News Release
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  • Proposed Working Group Process to Site a New Neighborhood Elementary School in South Arlington

    Posted by Lionel White at 5/22/2015
    Last night, the School Board received for information a staff proposal for a working group process to site a new neighborhood elementary school in South Arlington.
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  • Update Regarding Capacity Solutions for APS

    Posted by Lionel White at 5/7/2015
    News Release
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  • School Board Receives an Update From Staff on Interim and Permanent Solutions for Capacity Issues

    Posted by Lionel White at 5/1/2015
    Last night, the School Board received an update from staff on interim and permanent solutions for South Arlington elementary schools and North Arlington middle school capacity issues.

    The core mission for APS is to provide quality instruction in optimal learning environments while diligently working to address capacity issues due to growth in enrollment.

    Permanent Solutions In Process
    Current steps underway to create permanent solutions for capacity include:
    • Building a new middle school at the Stratford site;
    • Building a new school at the Wilson site for H-B Woodlawn;
    • Building additions at McKinley and Abingdon elementary schools;
    • Redefining work space at Washington-Lee High School
    Additional Solutions
    The main goal for APS is to build a new 725 seat elementary school in South Arlington and to engage the community to help guide the decision-making process. During the process, APS will continue to work and collaborate with Arlington County. The site must be determined by December 2015 to allow time for completion by September 2019.

    Staff identified areas of focus for the upcoming community engagement process,
    • Neighborhood school
    • Potential sites – Jefferson as preferred School Board site based on CIP adoption, school-owned sites, county-owned sites
    • Future boundary considerations; and
    • Implications for 2019 or 2020 completion.
    Interim Solutions
    Using the Progressive Planning Model (PPM), several interim solutions may be used to relieve crowding until permanent space can be built. These include:
    • Convert computer labs, etc.
    • Internal building modifications
    • Program moves
    • Relocatables
    Until the Stratford middle school project is completed in 2019, interim solutions using the PPM will be utilized at Swanson and Williamsburg.

    The full presentation is available online. Parents or community members who are interested in getting involved can email their interest to moreseats@apsva.us.
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  • APS Enrollment Projection Methodology Validated as Part of Arlington Community Facility Study

    Posted by Lionel White at 4/10/2015
    Statistical Forecasting LLC and RLS Demographics Inc. were contracted by Arlington County to review and evaluate the projection methodologies used by the Arlington County Government (“ACG”) and the Arlington Public Schools (“APS”). In particular, the consultants evaluated the methodology used by ACG to forecast population counts, housing units, households, and employment, as well as the methodology used by APS to project the number of K-12 students. In addition to a thorough methodological review, the Consultants provided recommendations for improvements to the forecasting process.
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  • Superintendent's Master Planning Committee Submits Its Report

    Posted by Lionel White at 3/30/2015
    The Master Planning Committee's 2015 report surveys and assesses a range of future potential directions for Arlington Public School as our community grapples with unprecedented growth in our student enrollment.
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  • County Board Response to APS School Board Letter of Request

    Posted by Lionel White at 3/26/2015

    In March 2015, the Arlington County Board, acknowledges the Arlington School Board's request to consider the feasibility of interim school uses at County facilities.
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  • School Board Letter of Request to County Board

    Posted by Lionel White at 3/26/2015

    In March 2015, the Arlington School Board sent a letter to the Arlington County Board requesting consideration of county owned sites for interim and permanent school facilities to address unprecedented student enrollment growth across the County.

    Document: School Board Letter to County Board

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  • Community Facilities Study

    Posted by Lionel White at 2/9/2015

    In January, 2015, the Arlington County Board and the Arlington School Board launched a broad-based, year-long community facilities planning effort. The Arlington Community Facilities Study is a collaboration between the County, Arlington Public Schools, the Study Committee and the community, including a Resident Forum.

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