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2013-14 News Releases


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Oct. 8, 2013
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 Arlington’s On-Time Graduation Rate Increases Again to 91.3 Percent
Dropout Rate Continues to Decline, and More Students Earn Advanced Diplomas
For Arlington’s Class of 2013, the overall graduation rate for the state’s On-Time Graduation Rate rose to 91.3% for all APS students. In addition, the On-Time Graduation Rate for students who have been in one of the three comprehensive high schools for all of their high school careers in Arlington rose to a combined overall average of 97.5%. (See 2013 APS Graduation Info-graphic)

For the same class, Arlington’s dropout rate fell to a low of 5.7% compared to Virginia’s rate of 5.9%. This is an impressive 52% decline in dropouts since these rates were first reported using a statewide standard in 2008.

Arlington Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy said, “This level of achievement is a result of everyone doing their part to ensure that our students succeed. The foundation for this success happens in the homes, continues in early childhood classes and middle schools, and culminates in our high schools. This is also reflective of the Arlington community’s strong support for public education, demonstrated by the resources they provide to guarantee excellent opportunities for all of our students.”

Today’s announcement accompanies the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) release of the 2013 On-Time Graduation and Dropout rates for the state. Both rates are based on the cohort that includes students who first entered Grade 9 during the 2009-10 school year:
  • On-time graduates are those who earned a Virginia Board of Education-approved diploma[1].
  • Dropouts reflect the students who dropped out or whose status is undetermined.

On-Time Graduation Rate
Graduation rates among all student groups continued to rise or remain stable compared to previous years.

  • Graduation for All students rose by 2.1%
  • Graduation for Asian students rose by 1.8%
  • Hispanic graduation rates increased by 3.2%
  • Graduation for White students rose by 1.0%
  • Graduation for Black students remained stable at a high of 88%, and exceeds the OTG rate for Black students in Virginia 84.1%

Dropout Rate
The dropout rate[2] also declined across all reporting groups.

Continuing these positive trends, the percent of APS graduates earning an Advanced Studies or IB Diploma increased to almost 66% of the 2013 graduates.

Additional Resources Online

  • Table 1: APS Cohort On-time Graduation and Dropout Rates
  • Table 2: APS Diploma Rates Among APS Graduates
  • Table 3: 2013 On-time Graduation and Dropout Rates by School
  • Figure 1: APS 2013 On-time Graduation and Dropout Rates
  • Figure 2: APS 2013 On-time Graduation Rates by Race/Ethnicity
  • Figure 3: APS 2013 On-time Graduation Rates by Reporting Groups
  • Figure 4: APS 2013 Graduates - Percent by Diploma Type
  • Figure 5: APS 2013 Grads Earning Advanced/IB Diplomas Percent by Race/Ethnicity
  • Figure 6: APS 2013 Grads Earning Advanced/IB Diplomas Percent by Reporting Groups

[1] Advanced Studies Diplomas include International Baccalaureate Diplomas earned by students in the IB program at Washington-Lee High School. Modified Standard Diplomas and Special Diplomas are available only to students with disabilities and, beginning with the Grade 9 class in 2013-14, will no longer be offered.

[2] The cohort dropout rate is not the inverse of the Virginia On-Time Graduation Rate because students who are still enrolled in school or who earn a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or a certificate of completion are not counted as dropouts but also are not counted as graduates when calculating the Virginia On-Time Graduation Rate.



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