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Substance Abuse Counselors

APS Substance Abuse (SA) Counselors are available to students who have been referred for issues related to substance use.  Each SA Counselor tailors prevention and early intervention programs to fit the needs of their schools. They are trained to listen and respond effectively to the needs of students, families and community groups.

What Support is Available?

SA Counselors offer a variety of services to the various middle schools, high schools and alternative programs within the county. These include the following: assistance with substance abuse assessment; short-term, early intervention counseling support; support with referral to outside services; case coordination; consultation with families, community agencies, and school staff.

SA Counselors also support various prevention efforts by participating in activities such as presentations to health classes, Parent Teacher Associations and staff meetings. They also collaborate with other community groups to bring national substance abuse prevention activities into the schools.

Questions or Concerns?

There is a nationally licensed or certified SA Counselor assigned to each middle and high-school as well as alternative school.  They are available to speak with you in private (by telephone or in person).  SA Counselors recommend that you do not explain any personal information about your child via email. If you are unable to reach the SA Counselor immediately, you’ll have the opportunity to leave a private message in the appropriate voice mailbox. Their contact information is as follows:


Siobhan Bowler:

H-B Woodlawn - 703-228-6361

Middle Schools - 703228-6057



Maria Luisa Ceballos:

Langston High School Continuation - 703-228-8392

Washington-Lee - 703-228-2028



Edgardo Santos Mercado:

Arlington Mill - 703-228-5350

Career Center - 703-228-5800

Wakefield - 703-228-2390



Mila Vascones-Gatski:

New Directions - 703-228-2117

Yorktown - 703-228-5400



For services at the elementary level, contact the Office of Student Services – 703-228-6061



APS School Substance Abuse Counselor Pamphlet – Click Here

APS School Substance Abuse Counselor Pamphlet in Spanish - Click Here


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


1-800-662-HELP (4357) Treatment locator


National Institute of Mental Health



National Institute on Drug Abuse



The Partnership at Drug Free.org



ArlingtonPartnership for Children, Youth and Families








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