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School & Community Relations

Field Trips

Arlington Public Schools students are given the opportunity to participate in field trips that are arranged to support and extend classroom learning.

APS Field Trip Guidelines

A parent can choose to excuse his or her child (opt out) from any field trip without instructional penalty, if the parent is concerned about safety.

Travel bans can be imposed at any time based on world events. If travel restrictions are imposed, the school system is not liable for any monies spent in advance.

Transportation is provided according to the guidelines found in Policy 50-5 Transportation and Policy Imlementation Procedure 50-5.1 Pupil Transportation.

Privately-Sponsored Trips

Privately-sponsored trips (such as an overseas trip led by a foreign language teacher or booster organization) are not sanctioned by APS. Such trips are not sponsored by APS and the school system has no liability for them.
Unless the parent is asked to sign an Arlington Public Schools Field Trip Permission Form, the trip is not an APS field trip. The school system does not warrant, sponsor, review or approve any offers or representations made concerning these trips.
Further, information about such trips may not be distributed on school premises. (School Board Policy 30-3.2)
Last Modified on August 28, 2007