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Start Times

School Start Times

On December 7, 2000 the Arlington School Board approved a new start times schedule for the schools. The new schedule became effective in September 2001.


In 1999, the Advisory Council on Instruction (ACI) reported that it would like to see the school system consider altering high school start times. The Council issued its report(PDF) and the Superintendent's Staff responded to that report with recommendations on how to move forward. A citizen and staff Start Time Steering Committee was established.


bullet  Start Times Process Chronology (PDF), Dec. 7, 2000, provides a complete overview of the prcess followied to implement new start times
bullet  Start Time Steering Committee progress report (PDF), May 17, 2001
bullet  Presentation (PDF) about the change to the National School Board Association (NSBA) Conference, April 2002
bullet  Impact of 2001 Adjustments to High School and Middle School Start Times (PDF), June 2005
bullet  NBSA - How Community Engagement Brought About Major Change with Minor Difficulty - Background Information (PDF), April 2006
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