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Bibliography, Citation & Website Evaluation

Gunston Bibliographic & Citation Resources
  • Cite your sources! Try the online Citation Maker website from the Oregon School Library Information System to give credit to authors and creators -

Website Evaluation
  • Copyright Permission Letter - here's an example of a letter that you could use to ask authors for permission to use their works - from the Bellingham Schools Washington state.

  • Evaluating Websites - Evaluating web sites from the fabulous Multnomah Public Library site.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Evaluation Criteria - Why it's good to Evaluate Web Sources.

  • Evaluation Wizard for Websites

  • Common Sense Lesson - Identifying High-Quality Sites

    Things to look for - 
    • Can the author be trusted?
    • Will this site have the information I need?
    • Is this site up to date?
    • Is this a good research site for students your age?
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