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Research Links (Pathfinders)

The following subscription databases require a username and password: CultureGrams, EBSCO, Encyclopedia Britannica, Gale Group, Grolier, SIRS, and World Book.. Usernames and passwords can be found in Blackboard by clicking on the Library Online tab across the top of the page.
Keywords in ACORN Nineteen twenties, Nineteen thirties, etc.
United States Social Life and Customs

Reference Books
in collection
Bowling, Beatnicks, and Bell-Bottoms (5 vols.) - R 306 Bow
American Decades (4 vols. 1960-69, 1970-79, 1980-89, 1990-99) - R 973.92 Ame
Call Numbers
in Non Fiction
909.82 - Decades
973.9 - Decades
Other Pathfinders Biography Pathfinder
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Encyclopedias & Reference Works

Encyclopedia Britannica
World Book Online

Biography in Context- Gale Group
History Resource Center  - Gale Group

Newspaper and Magazine articles
Digital Newspaper Articles - Digital History (free website)
Gale Group
Good Websites General Information - sites cover many decades
America From the Great Depression to WW II - Library of Congress
American History Megasite - Multnomah Public Library
American History Online - Historical documents from universities, libraries, etc.
America's Historical Documents - National Archives       
America's Story from America's Library - Library of  Congress            Archive of American Television                   
Century of Fashion - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Digital Newspaper Articles - Digital History
Food Timeline
Images of American Political History
Online Exhibits - National Archives (check out Eyewitness & other exhibits that highlight our history)
Opper Project: Using Editorial Cartoons to Teach History - Ohio State University
Picturing the Century: 100 Yrs. of Phtography - National Archives
Primary Sources of American Popular Culture - Authentic History Center
Time Archive - 1923-present - Time Magazine
Time's Person of the Year  - 1927-2007 - Time magazine
Twentieth Century History - About.com
Year By Year: 1900-2008 - Information Please Almanac
Good Websites FDR and the Depression: 1929-1937 - Biography of America
New Deal Network
Photographs From the Chicago Daily News 1902-1933 - Library of Congress
Photographs From the Golden Age of Jazz - Library of Congress
Prosperity & Thrift: the Coolidge Era & the Consumer Economy 1921-1929 - Library of Congress
Riding the Rails - PBS (American Experience)
Surviving the Dustbowl - PBS
(American Experience)
Twenties: 1913-1929 -
Biography of America

Good Websites 1940s

Good Websites 1950s
American Cultural History - 1950-1959 - Kingwood College
Fifties - 1945-1960 - Biography of America

Good Websites 1960s

Good Websites 1970s
Good Websites 1980s & 1990s

Good Websites This Day in History sites
On This Day - New York Times (can go to previous dates)
This Day in History - History.com
Today in History - Library of Congress
Weather History
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