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Research Links (Pathfinders)

Individual names of countries:
Ireland, Japan, Kenya, etc.
Reference Books
in collection
Geography handout - received in Geography Orientation
Call Numbers
in non-fiction
940s - Europe    
950s - Asia
960s - Africa
970s Central America & U.S.
980s - South America
990s - Arctic, Antarctic, Australia &
             New Zealand
Print magazines
in our collection
Scholastic Upfront

provided by Arlington County

passwords for home use found in
Library Online
CultureGrams - info. on more than 200 countries
World History in Context
World Conflicts - areas around the world in war or internal strife
Encyclopedia Britannica

Newspaper and Magazine articles

Good Websites General Country & State Information

Good Websites                                                  Continent Pathfinders
Africa Pathfinder
Asia Pathfinder

Good Websites Culture
World and Ethnic Dance Forms - Artslynx
World Cultures - British Museum

Good Websites                                                       Current Events

America.gov - Telling America's Story
BBC - also click on Country Profiles on left
New York Times
Newseum - Today's Front Pages
Newspapers From the U.S.
Newspapers - U.S. & World
Washington Post
Watching America
World News Network
World Press
Good Websites Environment
Nature - PBS
Good Websites Food
Good Websites Language
Good WebsitesPhysical Features
How Stuff Works
National Parks - U.S. Department of the Interior
Oceans - N.O.A.A.
River Systems of the World
Good Websites Political Cartoons
Good Websites Religion

Muslims - PBS
Religions - BBC

Good Websites Travel Websites
Currency Converter - xe.com
The Currency Site - Oanda.com - can print wallet-size conversion charts
Embassies in Washington, D.C. 
Fodor's Travel Guides
Frommer's: Destinations
Let's Go Travel Guides
Lonely Planet
Moon Travel Guides - click on Travel Planner
National Geographic: Travel and Cultures
Pilot Guides/Globe Trekker- Destination Guide
Rough Guides
Maps and Directions - Mapquest
Travel Advice by Country - British government
Trip Advisor - Get reviews of vacations, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Travel Mag - The Independent Spirit
Traveler Safety - U.S. Dept. of State
Traveler's Health - C.D.C.
Weather - Accuweather
Weather - NOAA
World Climate
World Time Zones
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