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PEP Program

Full-year, all day


The PEP program is a community based class for supported work experience, supported travel training, and independent living training.   Students learn independent living and vocational skills within community settings, and all skills are tailored to meet individual student needs. The PEP program operates on a non-paid, supported work model for employment training.  Staff accompanies students to community training sites and works with our business partners to teach work and social skills.  Students accompanied by staff use both public transportation and school buses to access sites distant from the Arlington Career Center.  Other training sites are based at the Arlington Career Center or are within easy walking distance from the school. 

Prerequisite(s): The referral process must begin with the transition coordinator at the comprehensive high school.  The PEP Program Coordinator then reviews all transition coordinator referrals, taking into account student's age, year in school, and prior job training experience. 

Contact Information:

Program Coordinator                          Program Teachers

Brian Stapleton                                                           Rosemary Donaldson                        

brian.stapleton@apsva.us                                           rosemary.donaldson@apsva.us           

703 228 8691                                                              703 228 5806                                                                                                                                                                         

Micah Stein-Verbit                                                     Erin Hannon              

Micah.steinverbit@apsva.us                                       erin.hannon@apsva.us      

703-228-5801                                                              703 228 8695


Mili Rosario


                                                                                    703 228-8690 


                                                                                    Karen Shimkus




                                                                                    Christina Eagle




                                                                                    Laura DiNardo




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