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APS-CTE CanDo 2012-2015:
(this link is for all APS-CTE teachers and students)

APS-SocialSkills 2012-2014:

(for all APS teachers doing Social Skill assessment)

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Web-Based Competency Reporting Software

CanDo is a web-based, skill reporting application, developed by Arlington teachers and students for teachers and students everywhere! BecauseCanDo is a web-based application, users may access the program using secure logins from anywhere they have internet access and a web browser.  CanDo now works with all major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.

CanDo is built into SchoolTool, a powerful suite of free software that helps schools manage their operations. Here are some links that will help you learn more about CanDo:

CTE Teachers click here
for CanDo 2014-15
CanDo Resources and Links

Virginia's CTE Resource Center CanDo Webpage
Arlington Public Schools CanDo Server 2014-15
SchoolTool -- free software for school management, and CanDo's parent program
CanDo Page of SchoolTool website
CanDo Brochurepdf version

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