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Below is a list of current & upcoming initiatives for the 2018 -19 School Year. Check back often as additional information and new initiatives are added.


  • Annual Online Verification Process (First Day Packet)

    • For the 2019-20 school year, Arlington Public Schools (APS) will implement a new annual online verification process for updating and maintaining accurate student information. This new process will replace the First Day Packet students used to receive on the first day of school.”
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  • Pre K -12 Instructional Program Pathways

    • Through the IPP process, APS is addressing one of the implementation strategies of the Strategic Plan to ensure multiple pathways to student success: “Increase high-quality options for PreK-12 instructional models within and beyond neighborhood schools.”
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  • Bus Transportation Service Review

    • APS is conducting a Bus Transportation Services Review in Spring 2019. This process will inform updates to APS transportation policy and procedures, and help identify efficiencies in our system as we manage resources and meet the needs of our growing student population.
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  • Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Superintendent’s Proposed Budget

    • Development of the FY 2020 Superintendent’s Proposed Budget is underway
    • Preliminary data shows we will have to close a $43 million gap for the FY 2020 budget
    • Please provide your comments and suggestions on ways to help us close this $43 million gap
    • The Superintendent’s Proposed Budget will be presented on February 28, 2019
    • Budget & Finance for additional information
  • Fall 2018 Elementary School Boundary Process

    • Boundary process will create attendance zones for new schools and balance enrollment across several schools
    • Final goal will be to adjust elementary boundaries at schools involved to take effect in September 2019
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  • School Naming/Renaming Processes

    • On June 7, 2018, the School Board adopted a revised policy for Naming of Facilities (F-6.1). The policy describes how APS manages Requests to Rename Schools/Facilities.
    • Beginning this fall, six schools will be named or renamed according to the revised policy.
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  • Career Center

    • The School Board is planning for the expected growth in high school enrollment and approved the planning for 700-800 additional high school seats to be added at the Career Center.  A long-range site plan is also currently being developed for consideration.
    • More information about Career Center Expansion
  • ASFS-Key School Building Swap

    • Planning for the building swap with ASFS and Key administrators and community members, which was to begin in January 2019, has been paused.
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  • School Board Policies

  • Education Center

    • The School Board, at its June 29, 2017 meeting, approved the renovation for the Education Center building (1426 N. Quincy St.) to provide approximately 500-600+ high school seats. The School Board furthermore directed the Superintendent to develop recommendations for the instructional focus.
    • More information on Education Center



  • Acceptable Use (Technology / 1:1 Device)

    • The School Board requested that APS develop guidelines to guide how our students use digital devices to support their learning.
    • The School Board reviewed in January
    • More information
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

  • Middle School Boundary Change

    • A sixth neighborhood middle school is opening at the Stratford site in Fall 2019. On Dec. 14 the School Approved Updated Option A.v2.  The Boundary Change will be in effect starting in School Year 2019-2020.
    • More information on middle school boundaries
  • Your Voice Matters

    • Why is APS conducting the Your Voice Matters Survey?
    • This new survey is a collaboration between APS and the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families (APCYF) to provide the Arlington community with a snapshot of school climate, staff engagement, and student and family well-being. Key topics include bullying, communication, safety, quality of instruction, collaboration, and cultural responsiveness. This feedback is vital in helping Arlington strengthen programs for students and families. This collaborative effort has been undertaken to streamline previous survey efforts: the site-based survey, community satisfaction survey and Developmental Assets survey. APS and APCYF found that there were many thematic overlaps between the previous surveys and decided to develop a new survey that will reduce burden on survey takers, maximize impact of results, and keep on top of issues that matter to the Arlington community in a more timely manner.
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  • Reed Building

    • APS’ Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for FY 2017-26 includes up to $55 million for the Reed Building Expansion, creating 725+ elementary seats that will open for August 2021.
    • New Elementary School at Reed Design & Construction BLPC (Building Level Planning Committee) page
  • Strategic Plan

    • Development of a new strategic plan is gearing upto define mission, vision and core values, and articulate goals and aspirations for students, staff,and APS as a whole.
    • Community engagement process begins in November.
    • There will be opportunities to participate throughout the school year
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