APS Honored Citizens

Group PictureOne of the Arlington Public Schools’ Strategic Plan goals is to “build effective relationships with parents and the community so that they know about and actively support the education of our students.” We are fortunate that many citizens support this important goal, and each year hundreds of Arlingtonians donate their time to help our students receive the best education possible.

These dedicated volunteers contribute in many capacities throughout our schools, from serving as a member or officer in the PTA, to participating on a citizen advisory group, to reading to our students. Many volunteers return year after year and their contributions are greatly appreciated.

In 1975, the Arlington School Board established the Honored Citizen award to recognize community volunteers who have made extraordinary contributions to our schools. Honored Citizens have demonstrated a sustained commitment of at least five years to Arlington Public Schools. These dedicated individuals have donated significant time and energy to a broad range of volunteer activities throughout the school community.

For 2018, the School Board has named 13 outstanding volunteers as Honored Citizens. The Board will celebrate these individuals at a special event on May 31 at the Syphax Education Center, 2110 Washington Blvd, 2nd floor.  A reception will be held at 5:30 p.m. followed by a recognition ceremony at 6 p.m.

2018 Honored Citizens:

Argueta Family- Jose, Georgina and Luz Argueta – Kenmore Middle School, Washington-Lee High School

Cynthia Cocuesta-Cuttier – Claremont Elementary School, Gunston Middle School, Washington-Lee High School

Claudia Cuellar-Alarcon – Campbell Elementary School, Kenmore Middle School

Dr. Skye Donovan – Key Elementary School, Gunston Middle School

Lisa Dropkin – Key Elementary School, Wakefield High School

Mahender Dudani – Oakridge Elementary School, Jefferson Middle School, Wakefield High School

Rev. Dr. Leonard Hamlin – Countywide contributions, Drew Model Elementary School

Tina Kuklenski-Miller – Taylor Elementary School, Advisory Council on Instruction, Budget Advisory Council

Caroline Levy – Stratford Program, Yorktown High School, Arlington Special Education PTA (SEPTA)

Ruth Rivero – Key Elementary School, Kenmore Middle School, Washington-Lee High School

Susan Scott – Jefferson Middle School, Advisory Council on Instruction, Parent Resource Center

Honored Citizen Historical List-1975-2018

If you have any questions, please contact the School Board Office at school.board@apsva.us or 703-228-6015.