Academic Planning Map


What is the academic planning map?

The academic planning map is a tool designed to assist students and families to successfully navigate the PreK-12 school experience in Arlington Public Schools (APS). This planning tool can also be used as a resource for students and families to assist with planning and goal setting to accomplish academic success.
Full Academic Planning Map
Mapa de Planificación Academica

The academic planning map includes:

  • Critical information that students and families should know at each grade level related to the different content areas;
  • Action items designed to empower and prompt students and families to ask questions of school staff;
  • Tips and suggestions for supporting and enriching students’ academic experiences.

What is the purpose of the academic planning map?

Whether a student is in elementary, middle or high school, one key to success is early planning. The purpose of the academic planning map is to:

  • Empower students and families with information;
  • Encourage early planning for college and career readiness;
  • Prepare students to take advantage of available opportunities;
  • Assist students to take challenging courses early in their school career;
  • Help student to develop a strong academic foundation in English, reading, math, science, social studies, world languages and fine arts;
  • Build an academic plan that will lead to success in college and a future career.

How should the academic planning map be used?

The academic planning map can be used in many different ways. Here are few suggestions for students and families:

  • Review the map and focus on one area at a time;
  • Start with the current grade level;
  • Read a grade level ahead of where the student currently is to begin planning as the student moves forward to the next higher level;
  • Ask students questions to test their knowledge;
  • Discuss information that may be new or exciting;
  • Use the “Focus” section to set goals;
  • Use the “Take Action” section to ask questions of school staff.