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APS Snapshots

“APS Snapshots” is a new, weekly cable program hosted by APS Superintendent, Dr. Pat Murphy. Snapshots gives parents and community members a quick look inside Arlington Public Schools. Each Snapshots segment is 3 to 5 minutes and highlights achievements of students, teachers and schools, or features important, up-to-date information on a variety of topics.

APS Green Scene

To highlight the many sustainability efforts by students and staff to protect the environment,APS and Arlington Educational TV (AETV) has created a new TV series called “APS Green Scene.”

#digital APS

#digitalAPS is a monthly program that highlights personalized digital learning initiatives in the classroom.

Partners in Action

Arlington Public Schools’ video series “Partners in Action” highlights the more than 500 businesses and community organizations that provide partnerships with Arlington schools and programs.


It's Just Me Image

“It’s Just Me” receives a Cine Golden Eagle Award! The documentary, “It’s Just Me…. The Integration of the Arlington Public Schools” was developed over a two year period. The documentary shares the memories and reflections of the people who were involved in the struggle to integrate the Arlington Public Schools. Watch the video

“…. I started with the date that Stratford was integrated, February 2, 1959, and began working backwards. . . . there is no narration . . .the entire dialog is strictly from the interviews–from the people who actually experienced the moment. No voice-over comments. No editorializing.” John Stuhldreher, AETV Producer

claro image

“Claro! English for Parents”This video series was produced for native spanish-speaking parents and families with children who are new to the public school system. The objective is to inform families about the culture and policies of the public schools while learning basic English in the context of school situations.

“I started by researching which would be the topics by talking with school staff and parents. Topics needed to be practical, and for everyday application, not large concepts. . . John came up with the clever title of “Claro!” In Spanish the word “claro” has multiple applications–when something suddenly makes sense you say, “Claro!” like “Of course! Its clear to me now.” When someone asks a favor and you comply, you say, “Claro!” like “Sure! Of course, no problem.” And it was our hope that the programs would make things more “claro” for the families.” Hildi Quinonez, Distance Learning Production Specialist