Featured Productions

At Home with APS

At Home with APS is a weekly broadcast designed to bring teacher-led instruction into the homes of APS students and families. Each episode will feature instruction that is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) for students in grades K-2.


AETV’s video series “Snapshots” gives parents and community members a quick look inside Arlington Public Schools on a variety of topics, from student achievements to upcoming events.

Green Scene

AETV’s video series “Green Scene” showcases the many sustainability efforts by students and staff to protect the environment and produce a greener future.

Partners & Volunteers in Action

AETV’s video series “Partners and Volunteers in Action” highlights the many businesses and community organizations that provide partnerships with Arlington Public Schools.

Historical Markers

AETV’s video series “Historical Markers” focuses on a few of the more than 80 historical markers highlighting important sites in Arlington’s past while also providing a lesson framework for teachers to use in their curriculum.

Whole Health

AETV’s video series “Whole Health” emphasizes the power of healthy living by showing how Arlington Public Schools promotes whole health for both students and staff.

Also in APS…

In addition to our regular video series, AETV also creates a variety of other videos for Arlington Public Schools.

  • The documentary, It’s Just Me…. The Integration of the Arlington Public Schools was developed over a two-year period and received a Cine Golden Eagle Award upon completion. The documentary shares the memories and reflections of the people who were involved in the struggle to integrate Arlington Public Schools. John Stuhldreher, AETV Producer, said, “I started with the date that Stratford was integrated, February 2, 1959, and began working backwards. . . . there is no narration . . . the entire dialog is strictly from the interviews – from the people who actually experienced the moment. No voice-over comments. No editorializing.”  Watch the video
  • #DigitalAPS is a series of videos focusing on technology being used in Arlington Public Schools’ classrooms and instructional programs.
  • The Whole Child was a series of videos that explored the APS vision to ensure that each student is “healthy, safe, supported, engaged, and academically challenged.”