Psychology Internships

Arlington Public Schools is pleased to offer a comprehensive internship experience for school psychologists. Arlington is a relatively small, diverse community in a suburban/semi-urban setting. APS is a prevention-oriented district and school psychologists are staffed at a relatively low ratio in order to be resources for all students, teachers, and parents.

Interns are assigned to school psychologists in the school setting, under supervision of the Director of Student Services, in the Department of Teaching & Learning. School psychologists provide a wide range of support services to their schools, including behavioral intervention at the school, class or individual level, consultation with staff and parents, peer and community education, group and individual counseling, risk assessments, crisis management, and psychological evaluations. School psychology interns are offered the opportunity to participate in all of these activities alongside their building level supervisor.

APS is committed to sustaining a high level of professional development as a part of providing culturally competent services to all students. Thus, there are regular staff development opportunities, which will be available to interns. Located in close proximity to Washington, D.C., there are often speakers from nationally known institutions, such as NIMH, Children’s Hospital and Johns Hopkins. All staff, including interns, is encouraged to take advantage of these and other opportunities for continuing education. Furthermore, APS welcomes in-service presentations from school psychology interns, who often have the most up-to-date knowledge of current assessment instruments and techniques.

Over 90 languages are spoken by the students and families within APS. Thus, there is an ongoing need to support students who are non-native English speakers. The Multicultural Assessment Team provides bi-lingual evaluations for students, preschool through high school. The APS Language Services Registration Center provides interpreters for staff to communicate with families, as needed.

School psychology internship applicants are required to submit the documents listed below by the Friday of the first week in December. The internship committee will review the application packets. Select candidates will be offered a personal interview. Interviews will be conducted during January.

Please submit the following documents in one packet to:
Dr. Laura Newton
Director, Student Services
Arlington Public Schools
2110 Washington Blvd
Arlington, VA 22204

  1. Letter of Interest
  2. Resume or Curriculum Vita
  3. Transcripts (undergraduate and graduate)
  4. Two Sample Reports
  5. University Internship Requirements
  6. Three letters of recommendation

Further inquiries regarding the APS school psychology internship program may also be directed to Wendy Carria at (703) 228-6181 or