Social Work Internships

Field Placement Process

Arlington Public Schools (APS) wishes to work with local universities to assist their students in the development of social work skills by providing a field instructor for students in an Arlington Public School. APS understands that universities have their own screening and application process for students and APS is willing to accept referrals from universities. APS understands that part of the interview process is to determine the suitability of the referred students for school social work practice, and that APS can accept or reject any referred student.

After receiving a referral of a potential student from a university, APS will set up an interview with that student to determine that the placement at APS is mutually agreeable and appropriate for both the student and APS. After a student is accepted by APS, the student will then need to complete other requirements such as a TB test/screening and criminal background check.

APS realizes that application dates for 1st Year (Foundation) MSW Students and 2nd Year (Concentration) MSW Students may vary.

APS is prepared to interview 2nd Year MSW students from January through March and 1st Year MSW students from April through June.

Referrals for Field Placement Students should come to APS through the sending university’s Field Placement Office.

Please contact Dr. Laura Newton, Director of StudentServices, 703-228-6058, or to refer a student.

APS will direct any student who inquires directly to APS about a field placement opportunity back to the student’s Field Placement office.