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In 2013, Arlington Public Schools launched APS Go!, a community-wide, school-driven process that raises awareness and provides incentives, information and encouragement related to walking, biking, transit, car/vanpooling and school busing. The program, which is the first initiative of its kind in the country, focuses on the transportation needs of all students and staff while also considering the broader interests of the communities located around APS sites.

Working in conjunction with the More Seats for More Students initiative and the APS Strategic Plan, Arlington Public Schools developed the APS Go! initiative as a comprehensive and long-term Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan for the district. As described in the Plan, APS Go! is a part of the school district’s efforts to proactively assess the needs of the community, respond to growth and demand, and develop forward-thinking transportation programs.

Read the APS Go! Plan

February 16, 2017 School Board Monitoring Item

2016 Surveys

The first phase of the initiative involved data collection, research on national best practices, and coordination with the Multimodal Transportation Student Safety Special Committee. Learn more about each step with the links on the left:

  • Baseline Data Collection and Bi- or Tri-Annual Surveys
  • APS Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimate
  • Multimodal Access Scores
  • APS Policy Review
  • National Best Practices
  • Multimodal Transportation Student Safety Special Committee

APS staff continue to work with the School Board, parents, students and community partners to explore and implement the initiatives presented in the APS Go! Master Plan. For more information contact the Safe Routes to School coordinator Lauren Hassel or Zachary Larnard inFacilities & Operations.

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Be on the lookout for School Talk messages and other communications about the upcoming APS Go! surveys
  • Complete the travel survey beginning in October, 2016
  • Encourage as many other parents as possible to complete the Parent Travel Survey so APS has the most accurate data on which to measure progress on the TDM Plan
  • Collaborate  with your PTA, school administrators, Arlington Transportation Partners (weblink) and APS Transportation Services to complete a local TDM Plan for your school using the template provided in the APS Go! report