APS and the Environment

APS recognizes the importance of being active stewards in protecting our environment and promoting sustainability throughout our district. We are committed to energy and environmental conservation incorporating sustainability goals into our daily instruction and school operations. We aim to minimize our carbon footprint and emissions and invite our community to join us in this partnership.
“We are focused on providing a cleaner environment for the future of our students as well as increasing their environmental awareness through instruction,” said Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy.

Preparing for Winter and the Colder Days Ahead

APS and the Environment


As we wait for colder weather to come, there are many ways around our home to save energy and prevent the heat from escaping our home.



  1. Continue to change your air conditioning filters monthly. Dirty filters prevent proper air flow throughout your home and can also cause indoor air quality issues.
  2. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save about 10 percent per year on your heating bills by turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours. Set back your thermostat when you leave your home for the day.
  3. Keep your furnace clean and unblocked. Keeping your furnace well maintained will save energy and keep you safe.
  4. If your home has a ceiling fan switch it on low in the clockwise position (as you look up to the fan) when you are home to push the warm air down to your living spaces.
  5. Open your blinds or curtains and bring in the sun on your south facing windows to warm your home and bring in natural daylight.
  6. Start looking at places that may require insulation and sealing. Caulk around windows and door frames to prevent warm air from leaking out.
  7. Set your hot water heater to 120 degrees and make sure to insulate it. Insulate the pipe that leads from the water heater at least 5 feet. You can save 7-11% of your water heating costs.
  8. Check out new LED light bulbs and try a few out in your home. Many more options are available and these bulbs will reduce your energy use and heat load.
  9. When purchasing new cooling equipment look for the Energy Star label.
  10. Shorten your shower by a minute or two and you’ll save up to 150 gallons per month.

Please visit this page for additional energy saving tips.

AETV’s Green Scene

Green Scene

To highlight sustainability efforts by our students and staff, Arlington Educational TV (AETV) has created a TV series called “The Green Scene”. Please take a moment to enjoy some of the videos.

Arlington County’s Energy Lending Library

APS Goes Green - green-plug


Plug into the first Energy Lending Library in the country offered by Arlington County. The collection includes thermal imaging cameras, energy meters and books that will help residents identify areas of energy waste in their homes. The Energy Lending Library was created by the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy (AIRE) in partnership with Arlington Public Library.